Link a Booking to a Function



  • Sandra Domelow


    Can the create function check box default status be set to 'checked'?

  • Wendy Thompson


    In version 20.90B, a new organization parameter, BK 302, was added to determine whether or not the "Create Functions" checkbox will default to checked or unchecked when adding a new booking. If the parameter is set to Y, new bookings will see the Create Functions column checkbox marked, and a function linked to the booking will be created automatically.

    Once activated, this will apply to all new bookings.  The user can uncheck the box on individual bookings if it is not needed.

    Activate this through Organization Master > Organization Parameters for the appropriate Organization(s).  If the parameter is not available, you can add it manually, or use the Update button (which may bring in additional parameters).


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Will it only create level 1 functions? We want it to create level 2.

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Gavin,

    This process will only create level 1 functions.  

    A good option for creating level 2 functions is to use the Script feature under Tools on the Functions tab, selecting Script Indented and Add One Function per Booking.  If you wish, you can control which Bookings have Functions added by selecting specific Usages that are assigned to Bookings.

    After adding Functions this way, you can then link them to Bookings manually on the Functions tab if you wish, so they will remain in sync with the Booking dates and times.


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

  • Connie Hart

    Hi Wendy,


    We've added Level 2 Functions in the way that you suggest.  How do we manually link those Functions to the Bookings?


    Thank you,


  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Connie,

    There is a column called Booking Link that can be added to the Functions grid (using Show Columns) and/or to the Edit Function window (using Edit Layout).  That is a drop-down field that contains all the bookings. 

    On any level function, you can select the booking you want to link the function to, which will then update the Space and Date/Time fields to match the booking and lock them down.  This will also check the Create Function checkbox on the booking.  If you change the booking, the function will be updated also. You can have multiple functions linked to a single booking.  If you uncheck the Create Functions checkbox on the booking, it will remove the link from all functions that were linked to it.

    If there are orders already associated with the function and the date/time of the function is changed by linking it to a booking, you may be prompted about updating the orders to new dates/times if you wish to match the new dates/times.

    You will not be able to edit the Space or Date/Time fields on the function(s) as long as it is linked to a booking. 

    You can remove the Booking Link for a single function by going back to that field on the grid or Edit Function window and removing it by selecting the blank row at the top of the list.

    Warm Regards,


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