Add an Event with Recurring Bookings



  • Rebecca McGregor

    we are trying to book a recurring event (every week over a full year period).  We have used this function to book but it is only creating 1 event which makes it tricky for invoicing.  A deposit invoice is raised for a portion of the venue hire then after each event the balance and any other charges after each weekly event (using payment plans).  This is a good way to pull the contract and deposit invoice but hard for that final invoice.  Any one got any tips or another way to do this?

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Rebecca - if your goal is to create separate events for each week, a better method to achieve this is through the use of Event Profiles. Scheduling a weekly event profile will result in a separate event each week. Thanks.

  • Frank, Christine

    We are also interested in using this for a recurring booking: One Event for a period of one year, held only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Our aim is not having multiple events, but one recurring, so as far as I understood add recurring bookings to an event would help, but it only displays one booking...

    And the single days can be booked without participating on the whole one year event.

    I hope it´s clear how we imagined it.



  • Mark Fingerhut

    Christine - if you are using the Availability Search process as outlined above, when you select the bookings from the search results to add to your event, they should all get added as separate booking lines, which it sounds like is what you're needing. If you are finding that's not the case, I'd recommend getting in touch with your CSM or Account Manager to set up a quick session to review. Thanks. 

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