Configure Discount Resources



  • Kieron Marshall

    Is it possible for it to do a single line for the discount resource??

    Ie I have 10 items I wish to discount, what happens now is i select all 10 then discount and it creates the discount resource 10 times with the amounts,

    I would like to see if it can just add the discount resource once with the total discount across all 10 items.

  • Patrick Tenny

    Automatic discount calculation create a discount line for each item discounted.

    You have the ability to manually add a Discount resource (just like any other resource) and enter a negative amount - either a fixed amount or let the system do the math for you. Units (Gross Revenue subject to Discount) x Rate  (percentage of discount) = Discount. You may rename discount resource as desired.

  • Himanshu Sheogaonkar


    I am stucked at step number 8 and system does not allows me to select a discount resource which was created, so that it can be assigned to a specific resource/space.

    Any help here is appreciated.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Himanshu,

    Without looking at your specific setup, it's hard to say why it is not showing.  Please contact your regional Client Care Team and they can assist you.



  • Patrick Tenny

    Hi Himanshu-

    Discounts are not assigned to specific resources but to the Resource Type. All resources under that Type will use the Discount linked to the Type


  • Himanshu Sheogaonkar

    Hi Maggie and Patrick,

    Thanks for this Maggie. I will contact our Client care team for further assistance.

    Patrick - thanks so much, I can see that discount can be applied to the group rather than individual resource. I will give it a go and see how that rolls over.


  • Svend Knutsen

    Any idea why even though I've configured the resource type to "Use Resource" Discount/Surcharge GL Distribution it does not? It's set correctly on the type but if I look at the individual resource items the wrong selection is checked "Use Discount Resource" instead of "Use Resource". When applying the discount it uses the Discount resource.

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Svend - changing the field at the Resource Type level should change it on the resources within that type. This sounds like a bug, I'd recommend you go ahead and submit a case for this. Thanks.

    Mark F

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