Reprice a Service Order



  • Carol Foley

    Along these same lines is there a way to simply remove the tax from multiple service orders all at once? I do not see this as an option within the reprice or recost tool. Nor do I see this as an option on the edit multiple service orders option.

  • Patrick Tenny

    There is no edit-multiple that will remove the taxable flag on orders, but can be done individually. If resources are no longer taxable (tax schemes removed from resources), re-pricing the orders will remove the tax.

  • Is similar (re-pricing/re-costing) functionality available for registration orders?

  • I have found the "cost synchronization" window from the tools window on the price list & resource master. Both seem to do what we want from a cost point of view, but the question still remains from a price point of view?

  • Patrick Tenny

    While taxes for registration orders can be globally recalculated, Registration Pricing is set during registration configuration rather than price list and no global re-pricing functionality exists for registration orders

  • Crystal Mureta

    When I reprice an item it doesn't update the description field. Is there a way to force this to update as well?

  • Chelsea Dolman

    Hi Crystal,

    Can you please confirm where you are updating the description? Is the update on the Price List Item or on the Resource?

    If the update is on the Resource, then it possible to synchronize the description to all open Service Orders. You can find more details about that process in the Synchronize Resource Items article through this link -


    Please let us know how you get on.

    Many thanks,


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