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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hello - is there no way to prevent a moved order from adopting the target Function's dates and times? For orders with items whose dates and times are specified per item, having the target Function's dates and times override those of the items is impractical and unfortunate!

    Basically looking to add to the Move Order window the option to Keep Original Times - similar to the option that exists on the Copy Order window.



  • Maggie U.

    Hi Zak,

    There currently is not a way to prevent the item dates and times from being updated when moving an order. Please submit your enhancement to helpdesk@ungerboeck.com along with the business case so our Product Management Team can evaluate for a future release.


  • Ray Anderson

    Hey everyone, 

    I am attempting to move a service order to a new event. I have released the booth assignment but I am getting an error and the order does not move. The error is "Order has Exhibitor"

    Any idea how to rectify this?

  • Nina Dennison

    How do we move a paid service order from an exhibitor to another exhibitor?  We have a 3rd party signing in as themselves and it needs to be attached to the Actual exhibitor they work with. 


    3rd party Order Paid Order now in "ABC Inc"  but we need to be attached to the "XYZ Co." 

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Nina, 

    Here are some suggestions on moving orders from one exhibitor to another:

    1. Make sure the order is not flagged as a booth order by unchecking the booth order checkbox on the order, you will have to release any booth assignments if any are assigned. 

    2. Make sure the order is not linked to an exhibitor record by clearing the exhibitor field on the order.

    3. Change the order account to the desired account.

    4. Select the correct exhibitor record in the exhibitor field on the order. 

    There might be more steps needed depending on your data, but this should get you moving in the right direction. 



  • Michael Somprasong

    Hi everyone,

    In case that order is attached to a contract, can we move the order to another function without warning to revise the contract?



  • Jodi Webb

    Hi Michael, 

    When moving an order to another function, the contract will change to Modified. You should only be getting the message to revise the contract if it has changed to Requires Revision. If you are getting the pop up to Revise contract when the status is modified, I would suggest logging a ticket so we can investigate further. 



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