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  • Lori Lee

    It appears the resource field is not a required field. If the standard price on the price list is zero for the price list item, I assume we can just leave the resource blank for that registrant type?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Lori,

    Resources are required for Registrant Types. A registrant type must always have a resource type tied to it, even if there is no charge.

    It's an oversight that there isn't a red asterisk next to the field which we will resolve in a future service release. You should not be able to clear out the field and save it as it will switch back to the default when you attempt to clear it and save.


  • Leslie Sawyer

    Hi there,


    I'm trying to set up the order 3 registration types shows up in an online registration. It appears the order is being determined by the registration code, not the description. Is there a way to change this? I have tried a few options but it defaults back to the code order. thx

  • Carrie Spalding


    The order is set in the Registrant Type Section of the form template. There are 3 pre-defined sort options, and then a custom sort option.

    “Description” will sort alphabetically by the Item Description of the Registrant Type. Price-Ascending and Price-Descending are self-explanatory. :)

    Sequence is the custom sort. For example, if I select it on the form template, then go back to my Registrant Types grid and show the column “Sequence," I can use numbers to set the order for public registration. 1 displays first, 2 displays second, and so on. (if that makes sense)

    Hope that helps!




  • Pat Falkner

    Is there a way to set up a registrant type and NOT have it count against current sold or can you only do that by setting up a function and placing that registrant type there and specify 'item only'?

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Pat,

    Not sure about a Registrant Type, but have you tried setting up a 'Merchandise' item?  These do not count towards capacities.  I'm not sure if you can offer a Merchandise item only though.

  • Pat Falkner

    Even if ordering a merchandise item, you have some sort of registrant type, right?  

    No matter the registrant type, it counts against current sold.

    I would have thought that marking the registrant type  as "is guest" it wouldn't count it against current sold but it does.  

  • Pat Falkner

    I've tried every combination I can think of and can't seem to find a way to place a registration order and not have it count against current sold.  In v19, it was easy; just set the function item to item only. Done.  With v20 and it requiring a registrant type, it falsely adds 1 no matter the circumstance.

    Our need is this:

    Someone is attending the conference as a guest of the speaker.  That order is placed as a "guest" and does not count against the current sold in that is how the speaker is paid his/her honorarium, by the number of tickets sold. 

    We can't put the speaker's guest on the speakers order because we don't want the speaker to count on the current sold either.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Pat,

    I'm fairly sure you can have a blank Registrant Type?  Another option to get your count is to create your own 'Current Sold' column as a Custom Field. You could use a formula to only count the registrant types you are interested in.

  • Pat Falkner

    Registrant type appears to be a required field.  I tried making it not required and I couldn't.  I'm guessing if you have any registrant types defined, it is then required.  If you have none defined, you don't need any and it defaults to ALLREGS.

    Unfortunately, we have a bunch of outside applications that utilize the current sold field for calculations and would need to modify all of them.

    We're punting for now in hopes that there are only 1 or 2 guests on an event and won't throw numbers off too bad.

  • Danilo Bernal

    You will need two registrant types, one for "real" attendees and one for guest. You, can setup your registrant type with the limited number of attendees and guest with the limited or unlimited number of guest you allow. Be aware that the change we did some years ago in v20 registration was in order to assure a more straightforward workflow for public-facing users. Registrant types rules permit that the branching and requirements based on registrant types will drive public facing users better. You can use the current sold for that registrant type for your report. That information is stored in ER103.

  • Pat Falkner

    I tried that already.  In your example,the "accompanying person" cannot be selected on an order of his/her own. 

    We have guests that will be observing the speaker for the event. Their order is a complimentary order at zero dollars. We place an order for them in the system so they get appropriate notifications and such but they are there as an observer, not an attendee. They should not be included in the current sold. No honorarium paid to the speaker for that person which is calculated by the number of people in the seats (current sold). 

    If we could specify the "item only" indicator at the registrant level or some way to say "don't include them in the count", all would be good.

  • Danilo Bernal

    Each registrant type has a specific capacity. If you only want to track attendees, your report can point to that capacity field and ignore the other ones, as shown in the screenshot I sent you previously. If you use ALLREG, it will be even easier as the change will happen on all setups where you have the same business case you were describing.

  • Pat Falkner

    I was playing again today. I removed all registrant types and moved all registration options to functions where I can control if it is an event item, function item, or item only.

    I placed a registration. It still forces me to enter a registrant type with the only option being "all regs". I selected that and then selected a function and resource that I defined as an "item only".

    Unfortunately, it still counted against the current sold in all of our views.

    What is the definition of "Current Sold" in v20?  Is it just a counter of registration orders?

  • Pat Falkner

    How can we allow the registrant type to remain empty, thus not counting against the current sold?

  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi Pat! I’d like to set up a call with you so we can go over your set up and configuration. I think you might be using a view where current sold goes across registrant types. I think this might be better explained over the phone than in this forum. As far as your question about the definition of current sold, that depends on your specific configuration but usually is to count attendees independent of registrant type.

  • Michael Pennant

    Can we use Registrant Types to limit what each Registrant can see/register for? We have 50 attendees and we know what they need to register for but we don't want them choose what they are not invited to.

  • Kim Boettcher

    Hi Michael,

    The easiest way to do this is to restrict your functions so that they are only available to certain registrant types. In Registration Setup, go to the Edit Registration Function window and click the button at the top called Add Registrant Type Dependent Pricing. From here, you can select which registrant types are allowed to see/order the function in public registration (you can also set different prices or capacities per registrant type here). When a function has been configured this way, only the selected registrant types will see it in public registration.

    Hope this helps!

  • Kathryn Morehouse

    I am trying to rearrange the order of my Registrant types, I have added a sequence number as suggested near the top of this thread but when I add them to my event the sequence column is still showing up blank.

  • Kim Boettcher

    Hi Kathryn,

    There is a Sequence field on the Add Event Registrant Type window (opened from within registration setup). Is this where you are entering the sequence numbers? Once the numbers are added to the event registrant types, you also need to edit the form template to sort registrant types by sequence number. This will only affect how the registrant types are ordered in public registration. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Sara Loyst

    Not sure if anyone can help here, but I accidentally deleted the Registrant type and all the functions on a registration order, but it still has the payment. I can't figure out how to add the registrant type back in. I cant add any functions because there is no registrant type. I thought about just deleting the whole order and doing a new one, but I cant delete the order because of the payment, and I cant create a new order because we do not allow duplicate registrations. I also thought maybe I could add the registrant type by using the "Change Registrant Type" button, but I cant get the order to appear under the registrants tab for some reason so I cant even try that button. Any suggestions?

  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi Sara, You can add another order in backoffice, you will receive a warning about duplicate order but you can continue with the process, and move the payment to the new order, then you can delete the old order.

  • Shilpa Ramesh


    We have currently different registrant types like academia, industry, Ph.D., etc with different pricing. However we also have invited speakers who do not pay, but while considering for maximum capacity, we still need to consider them as the capacity includes them on the whole.

    So my question is, is there a way to hide waitlist feature for certain registrant types?

    thanks in advance for any suggestions.



  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi Shilpa, I think there is a way to handle it if you use Registrant Type Capacity, but you need to be aware that the capacity for that registrant type will not impact the capacity for the whole event although you will be able to count them for reporting purposes. There is a new feature called "Maximum Capacity Type" within the Registrant Type configuration for the event. By default, this will always be active to count against the event capacity (Event/Item), but you can change it to count only toward the registrant type (Item Only). For reporting/event capacity purposes, you can create a field within the event list that can count the specific registrant type against the whole capacity. 

  • Shilpa Ramesh

    Hi Danilo,

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    Could you please let me know on which version can I find the new feature called "Maximum Capacity Type"?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Shilpa Ramesh

    I found the "maximum capacity type" on registration functions, but we do not use any registration functions.

  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi Shilpa, there is a new field that maybe you need to make available in the registrant type window, maybe your theme has not that field displayed there.

  • Shilpa Ramesh

    Thanks so much Danilo!It worked.

    For reporting/event capacity purposes, you can create a field within the event list that can count the specific registrant type against the whole capacity. 

    Where should I configure this?

    many thanks,


  • Maryann Heck

    in the V30.96 form templates, i am not able to change the location of the participant type. is this correct? in v20 i was able to add this information to the payment page which was a more logical location.

  • Mike Schepker

    Hi Maryann, 

    Are you referring to the Registrant Type? The reg type section has always appeared in between the account group and the function group in v20 registration. Nothing has changed with that in v30. You can place Merchandise and Add-On items to the payment page, if desired. 



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