Internal Service Order Items



  • Nikki Crook

    I notice there is an "Internal" field on the Service Order which is set to "No" by default and is not editable. What is the purpose of this field?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Nikki,

    You can create an account that represents your organization and give it an account code of @INTERN. When this account is then used to create an order, the order is marked as an "Internal" order. Nothing changes in the order process or on the financial side. It just allows you to see which orders are for internal purposes and which are external orders.


  • Brooke Adamson

    Is the internal setting on an item set at the price list level or just the resource level? I thought I remember being able to have an item that is on the price list once with a price that was billable and on another form without a price that was internal. However, looking at it now, it seems like I can't edit internal or billable on the price list (though you can edit it individually as you add it to the service order).

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Brooke,

    This setting is at the resource level and at the item level on the service order.  To create an item that is both internal and external for the price list, you'll want to create a resource for each of those scenarios and then add them each to the price list.


  • Nikki Crook


    Is there any way to prevent a service order item from being both "Internal" and "Billable" at the same time? We have recently had an issue where both tick boxes had been ticked, so although the item didn't appear on the invoice it was charged which caused confusion.

    Many thanks, Nikki

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Nikki - After some testing, it looks like the Internal OR Billable flag can be checked at once on the resource, not both. By checking one, it automatically unchecks the other. If you are finding different behavior, go ahead and submit a support ticket. Thanks.

    Mark F

  • Nikki Crook

    Hi Mark

    I thought that you should only be able to select one or the other, not both. I can't replicate the issue, so won't log a ticket for it in this instance.

    Many thanks for your reply

  • Crystal Mureta

    I've discovered that when using the "Edit Multiple" functionality on the Resource screen it is possible to set a resource to be Billable=Yes and Internal=Yes.

    Just thought I'd let others know to watch out for this when using this function. :)

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