• Sarah Gore-Clough

    Hi how can you view all diary entries in v20 as you can in v19 ??

  • Carrie Spalding


    There are a couple ways to view all activities. If you mean all of your activities, but not specific to an event or an account, you can navigate to Activities via the Main Menu or the Global Navigation Bar. Then, using the filters and Advanced Search options, you can drill down to the specific criteria you are looking for and save it as a View.

    If you are looking to view all Activities for an Account, Contact, Event, etc. navigate to that specific item and view the Activities tab for that item.

    Thank you!


  • Sarah Gore-Clough

    Hi Carrie thanks for this I will set up a new view for this requirement

  • Maude Lagacé

    Hi everyone! When navigating in Activities via the Main Menu or the Global Navigation Bar, we would like to have the criteria/filter: Event Status in the Advanced Search options. Could this be added? Thank you!

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Maude,

    Love hearing ideas! If you could post this in the CRM Product Ideas forum, then our Product Management Team can view it and evaluate for inclusion in a future release:


    You can just copy and paste what you have written above along with your business case (what problem this solves for you).



  • Maude Lagacé

    Thank you Maggie, will do this right away! 

  • Heather Gruppelaar

    If an event is canceled my reminder activity to do a task related to the canceled event disappears regardless of whether it was completed or not. Could you let me know if they're is an option to keep the activity open until the status has changed before it disappears? alternatively is there another way to remind me of the task related to the canceled event when it has been  canceled and therefore disappears from the calendar. thanks

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Heather,

    I spoke with Product Management about this and currently there is not a way to keep the activities open when an event is cancelled. You can still see the activities for an event from the Cancelled and Archived Events page. You can also have a note generated when the event is cancelled using organization parameter EM 201. If an activity list is attached to this note class then those new activities will remain open.

    I hope this helps.



  • Theresa Gorman


    I am sure there used to be a feature within the activity that timed it - e.g. if the activity type was phone call, when you started it, the timer would run and then stop when you completed, this enabled you to log the time you spent making calls.  Was this removed? 

  • Mike Johnson

    Theresa - You are correct that there was a feature for this in v19.  When you opened the Add Activity window, a timer would start.  When you saved the activity, it would stamp the start and end dates/times.  We did not carry this feature over to v20/30.  As you are probably aware, Activities and Traces were combined in v20/30.  As both were using the same fields differently in the database, we decided to go with the "Trace" approach.  The "Trace" approach was to not set these fields and only use the date.  You will see them in v30 as Actual Start Date and Actual End Date.  The can be manually entered/modified in v30.

    We can consider bringing back the Activity functionality but I do not see it being prioritized in the next 6-12 months.  I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are on how you would be using this as well as input from others.

  • Nina Dennison

    @Dustin Banks Can we set a default to the Activities that Excludes weekend dates from populating in the list?  We use business days "prior to" the event and not calendar days. So, we get weekend tasks that shouldn't be there, plus we have to create task with weekends added into our "days" prior to a show.   

    Also, is there a way for the Activities to only populate on the "days prior" vs all at once??  It's gets cumbersome when we have multiple events and the Dashboard shows all dates for each event instead of the current ones we need for that week or so. 


  • Dale Rossetti

    What is the difference between "Activities (92)" and "My Activities (147)"? Does "My Activities" always show "Current User" as a search criteria, and you can't change it unless you have the access privilege "Allow Access to Managerial Activities" set? 

  • Dustin Banks

    That sounds correct but Mike Johnson would know more.

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