Void an Invoice



  • Gail Barfoot

    My security option allows me to void but the message is
    User GBARFOOT44 is not allowed to void invoices. User restricted by security option: Allow voiding of Invoices

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Gail,

    Verify in the access privileges screen that your user is assigned to the "Allow Voiding of Invoices" privilege. If no users at all are assigned to this privilege, then it is considered disabled and no one can void invoices.


  • Al Persohn

    Hello All, We do use this but very carefully. All voids are done by finance on request. We feel that there needs to be a warning/restriction on the voiding of invoices in a closed period. Is that reasonable?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Al,

    Please submit a ticket with our Client Care Team by using the Submit a Ticket link at the end of this article so they can review this in more detail.


  • Bill Franz

    In our case we have the GL module, but voiding the invoice does not correct the autoreverse entries that are created in the Accounts Receivable and Deferred Revenue accounts when the invoice is initially created.

  • Patrick Tenny

    Voiding an Invoice was not intended to correct the auto reverse of deferred revenue. It is assumed that a new corrected invoiced would be created and the deferred revenue would already be transferred to accounts receivable. The Deposit transaction would need to be manually applied to the new invoice on the account ledger.

  • Kieron Marshall

    is there a way you can print a voided invoice? basically printing it to send to a client showing its been voided?

  • Patrick Tenny

    A voided invoice is no longer available to re-print. If you need to send a negative invoice to a client, it is recommended you use the Credit Invoice process.

  • Sean Tame

    It is handy to allow certain staff the access to void invoices but once access is granted, it is very hard to control.  I would like to be able to set a time limit.  Eg, Only void an invoice within Invoice Date + x days.  That way we can set this value low to ensure voids are only done for immediate corrections and not to retrospectively re-issue PP invoices months later when the client changes numbers and wants a 'new invoice with everything on it'

  • Shelby Dodge

    Is there a way to void multiple invoices at once?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Shelby,

    Only one invoice can be voided at a time.



  • Emily Atherton

    Is there a way to edit the date of the voided invoice? The invoice was created at the end of January and the invoice was voided beginning of February, but I'd like to change the date the invoice was edited to end of January so it can be all in the one month.

  • Lauren Curd

    The date on a voided invoice is not something that can be changed.

    If you use the GL, you could reclass the void journal entry to January and make a note on the JE as to why the invoice window shows a different date for the void.




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