Receivable Transaction Types



  • Carol Foley
    If an end user process a CC transaction as a payment instead of as a deposit, is there a way to change the transaction from Payment-MC to Deposit - MC? I am not looking to change the receivable transaction type on the entire table, but rather for just one single transaction.
  • Patrick Tenny

    When Payment is used rather Deposit, your only option is to reverse the Payment (you may uncheck the Electronic flag to avoid processing credit cards) and add Deposit transaction

  • Abhishek. Mathur

    I am getting an error message "Invoices cannot be issued for the selected transaction source. The following invoicing transaction type is inactive: INVMB

    Please let me know if somebody has seen this before and how can we resolve this

  • Sean Tame

    It looks like you need to visit the Receivable Transaction Types window and activate the Invoice Membership transaction type.  I presume you are trying to issue Membership Invoices?

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