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  • Laura Blackburn

    Hi there,

    I am trying to invoice several service orders (of one item) on the one invoice however the service orders are rolling up and only appearing as one line on my final invoice.

    For example

    Catering Day 1 20 @ $5

    Catering Day 2 20 @ $5

    Will appear as Catering Day 2 20 @ $10

    We are using the payment plan invoicing option.


    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Patrick Tenny

    Have you customized your Invoice report or are using a standard Ungerboeck report?

    Which report are you using? please send a screenshot of your orders and your invoice

  • Laura Blackburn

    Hi Patrick,

    We are using the Payment Plan with attachments invoice.

    I believe it may have been customised but cannot be sure unfortunately.


  • Mark Fingerhut

    Laura - Our testing of the standard payment plan invoice does not summarize resources into a single line on the report. If this is a custom report, then we'd have to look into how the report is written. Is there a report name/code at the bottom of the report? Our standard report is CBL151. If it is the standard report, then I recommend adding a support ticket.

    Mark F


  • Craß,Saskia

    If you invoice multiple orders, the sequence of the invoices is based on the order date. Is it possible to change this sequence? So that inovices are created with an alphabetical order? Or an indiviual sequence depending on how you sorted the service orders you are going to invoice


  • Irene Tjandrasa


    The invoice sequence is system generated and unfortunately at this time, it wont be possible to change this sequence.

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