Account Logos



  • Laura Webb

    Ah ha! I should have looked more closely. Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. I'm getting an error on the registration site, though, while I'm testing it. I'll create a ticket to look into it.

  • Tracy McClellan

    Why should we upload account logos? Are they for signage?

  • Laura Webb

    Is there a way for an image to be uploaded during registration by a registration account? I see that documents can be uploaded to the event. What if I want a registrant to upload an image of themselves as part of their registration?

  • Erin Luber

    Hi Tracy,

    Account logos are used a lot throughout our public facing applications & can also be a nice way to enhance the look our your database environment. 


    Erin Luber

  • Carrie Spalding


    There’s an account field called “Logo Image” that will allow a person to upload a picture that will save to their account. It can be added to the form via the account settings on the form template.

    You can also do it via the Upload Document functionality, but I think Logo Image is the simple answer you are looking for!


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