Opportunity Cancellation Reasons



  • Carrie Spalding

    Kieron, please confirm if these are your steps:

    1. From the Main Menu navigate to Opportunity Statuses
    2. Click Add
    3. Create a status with a Weight of 80 or more
    4. From the Main Menu navigate to Opportunity Cancellation Reasons
    5. Select a cancellation reason and edit.  Click Select in the Cancellation Reason Statuses section
    6. The status will show up there.

  • Kieron Marshall

    I have created a new status of "Lost" and given it a weight of 85 and code of L.

    I am wanting to assign some reason to when this status is chosen

    So I have created a cancellation reason as per above, but when I come to click "select" the Lost status is not available to be chosen, and when I change to the Status of L and go to choose a reason they are all blank..

    How Can I achieve the above?

  • Kieron Marshall

    Those were the steps I followed and it didn't seem to show after directly creating them.

    However after coming back after closing down IE and logging in fresh they do show up now so I am able to select so that's great.

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