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  • Nancy Fullerton

    I'm wondering if it is possible to customize the background colour (green), where the confirmation text appears to fit within our branding colours (see image below)?

    Many thanks,


  • Dan Wagner

    The background color in this section is hard coded and currently cannot be changed.

  • Nancy Fullerton

    I'm hoping that we will be able to change this eventually. Any idea when that may happen?

  • Dan Wagner

    I am not aware if this is scheduled to be changed in a future release.  I do appreciate you feedback and will submit this to our product management team as enhancement request.

  • Matthew Cherry

    Is there a way to set up a default calendar reminder as part of the .ics file in a registration confirmation email?  

    For example, if somebody uses the .ics file, by default it creates the event with a 15-minute reminder on their Outlook calendar?  

    If so, how is that configured?  (by event, by email template, etc.) ?

  • Carrie Spalding

    Matthew, unfortunately, no, there isn't a way to set up a default calendar reminder as part of the .ics file.


  • Pat Falkner

    When an individual registers online, is there a way to have a copy of the confirmation email saved to the person's contact record in Ungerboeck.  We would like this so we have proof the confirmation was sent.

  • Danilo Bernal

    The email confirmation is saved within the registrant contact record. You can see the email in the document folder for the registrant, and resend it or review it if necessary. This is only available in v20 registration.

  • Dan Wagner


    Confirmation emails should currently be saved on the account/contact if you've enabling email confirmations.  If this is not the case, please submit a new support ticket.


  • Sandra Armstrong

    Is there a way to copy/modify the [Ungerboeck Confirmation]?  We like the Order details but a particular client would like to remove the event dates that appear there.  (Dates circled in red in second image).  I've looked in the Email templates folder that the default isn't there, even just to copy. 

  • Danilo Bernal

    We do not have a way today to export the standard registration confirmation, but we have added this option in the backlog. The good news is that you can use the field attached to hide those dates.

  • Sandra Armstrong

    Thanks for the quick reply Danilo.  I don't see the option to hide event dates (exactly what we are looking for).  What version is this in?  I'm on 20.93D.

  • Danilo Bernal

    It is in v20.93D, please check your theme, maybe is not available in your current configuration.

  • David Pollock

    Is there a way to use multiple Confirmation Templates on a Form Template?


    We use Email and Merge Templates for our Confirmation Templates.

    We would like to use one template and email for active registrants, another for registrants who are wait listed and another for those who cancel their orders online.

    From what I can see we are only able to use one Confirmation Template per Form Template and therefore the same message and email is sent to all of the above (active registrants, wait listed and online cancellations.

  • Dan Wagner

    There is currently no way to use more than one confirmation template on the same form template.

  • Sean Tame


    If you use EZWriter instead, you can easily create dynamic paragraphs that are sensitive to the source data.

    Eg, If status = confirmed, say "Thanks for your Registration" otherwise say "You have been waitlisted".

    Shout if you need help.

  • David Pollock

    Thanks Sean,

    That's a great idea!

    I will give it ago and if I get stuck I might give you a shout.

  • Tim Grewell

    Is there a way to add in the contact information (address, city/state) for each registrant on the confirmation?  We have two clients that have asked us for this option.


  • Dan Wagner

    This information can be pulled into the confirmation with EZWriter.  

  • Asli Okur


    "Send Email Confirmation: If this option is checked an email confirmation will be sent to the email address of the registration order account and the email address for each registrant."

    According to this article and also to my experience with Ungerboeck registration module until now, it is not possible to send these confirmations to the booker, only.

    This is a major limitation for our business, as we want to send confirmations to the registration order account only, but not all individual registrants in the order. Because of that, we do not send any confirmations from the system and our coordinators need to send the confirmations manually.

    Is there a plan to have an sub-option like: Send email confirmation to all registrants in the order yes/no?

    That would be perfect!

    Otherwise, at least having the default confirmation template [Ungerboeck Confirmation] available for the BackOffice users as selectable email template for sending out confirmation emails manually to the registration order account.

    Is anyone else struggling with this limitation? I would like to hear any other solutions you may have for this problem.



  • Dan Wagner

    The email confirmation to the registrant can be disabled by not requiring the email address for registrants.  You can make this change on the registrant account fields selection in the Account Section Settings of the form template.

  • Asli Okur

    Hello Dan,

    thank you for your reply. This is really an interesting workaround to know.  

    If I make the email field not required (but protected), and still include it in the form, would this mean that it always skips the email confirmations to the registrants, regardless if a valid email address is entered into the field or not? Or another contact is selected by search accounts functionality?

    We actually always make the email field required so that we can assure the uniqueness of the entry. Email is the only reliable identifier. If I make the email field not required, the booker can also leave it empty, so that would create a potential duplicate in the system.

    That was the reason for my suggestion about an option like 'Send email confirmation to all registrants in the order yes/no?' in the confirmation section of the form template. This is self explanatory and clear for all the event coordinators who work with registration module. That way you could have still the email mandatory and you collect an email address for each participant, but can still disable the confirmations to individual registrants at the confirmation section of the form template.




  • Dan Wagner

    If the email address is not required for the registrant it should skip the confirmation to the registrant even if a valid email is input or if an account is selected from the search.

    I discussed your business case and concerns with product management.  Please post your comment in our Registration & Conference Product Ideas forum and our product manager will follow up.


  • Haley Lamp


    Will the "Order Details" not show up if the payment plan that is selected is "pay later"? 

  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi Haley, the order details will show either if the order is fully paid or if the user uses "pay later".

  • Haley Lamp

    Thanks! testing a link and messing around with the confirmation and it didn't show up but we will try again! 

  • Danilo Bernal

    Hi Haley, let us know if that works.

  • Elisabeth Bollmann

    Hi Dan,

    following up from your reply from two years ago, I just tried to deselect "required" for the email address in the registration setup but it keeps getting switched back to "required". This happens both in v20 and in v30. We're on .96D.

    Thanks in advance.



  • Kim Boettcher

    Hi Elisabeth,

    I was able to recreate this behavior, and unfortunately, it's a bug. Thanks for the heads up! We will be taking steps to get this resolved quickly.



  • Elisabeth Bollmann

    We do not have a way today to export the standard registration confirmation, but we have added this option in the backlog.

    Has there been any progress on this? Or any other possibility to only slightly change the [Ungerboeck] Confirmation Email Template and not being required to build it from scratch?
    Or would anyone else be willing to share their EZWriter Code that show the ordered functions and replies to UDFs? My SQL knowledge is still limited...

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