Multi-Page Public Online Registration



  • Levin Shum

    We have an event here that supposed to be a Single Page registration. The only page breaks are the two defaults (after sign in and after payment option).  But for some reason it looks like the system has a hidden page break after the registration option. Is this a bug? Or is there another place that handles the page breaks? We are on 20.90M.


    Thank you,



  • Dan Wagner

    Automatic page breaks appear if you are using Registrant Type Dependent Pricing on any of your functions.



  • Eventregistration

    Hi, is it possible to eliminate the page break between sign-in and sessions selection to get a real one-page registration? Also, can we hide "All registrant types" selection on v30?

    Thank you,


  • Mike Schepker

    Hi Alexis,

    It is not possible to eliminate the page break between the sign in/sign up form and the account section.

    If your configuration has only a single reg type (All Registrants registrant type), you can go into the component settings to hide the registrant type. To do so:

    Edit your form template and go into the Registrant Types Group and click Edit Component on the Registrant Types component. From there you should see a field (edit your layout if it is not on your layout) entitled Hide Section for Registrant Type. This dropdown allows you to choose if you want to hide the section for registrant types that have charges, no charges, or both. So if your All Registrants reg type does not have a charge, you can go into the component and choose No Charges from the Hide dropdown and then it will be hidden on the public registration form.

    Hope this helps!


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