• Tony Costantino (DeBartolo Performing Arts Center)

    One example of where Event Type Color manifests is in the Booking Calendar. In addition to displaying the booking color by Status level, you can display the color of the event Type to which that booking is attached.

  • Brandy Leitner

    I created a new Type and added to existing events but, when pulling a report, those events don't show. Did I miss a step?

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Brandy,

    What report are you running?  Is it a Standard or Custom Report?  Is the new Type included as a search criterion for the report?



  • Brandy Leitner

    It's something I created myself from the Functions screen. Yes, the new Type was added to search criteria but it's not showing those events in the list.

  • Wendy Thompson


    Is there any other search criteria included that might exclude those?

    If not, we'll either need more information here, perhaps a screenshot or two and the version you are using, or submit a case with good recreation steps and have it looked at.  I've done some basic testing in our testing databases and it's working for me, but there may be something specific in your workflow.


  • Brandy Leitner

    Our primary administrator is out today so I can't submit a ticket. I was hoping to fix the issue in the meantime but I'll wait until she's back so I can put in a ticket. Thank you

  • Wendy Thompson

    Sounds good, thanks!

  • Irene Cuevas

    How does one make this field required for back office users?

  • Sam Wilson

    Hello Irene,

    An administrator can configure a Field Restriction on each role to require selection of a Type option. An article is available in the Support Center at the following URL.


    There is also a course available on Field Restrictions in the Learning Center for additional guidance.



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