Account Types



  • Kieron Marshall

    Is there a way in the system to have a Default account type for any newly added account?

    We only need to filter on a % of our accounts and use types, but as I am unable to filter on blanks we need to assign the rest as a dummy type.

  • I don't believe this functionality exists out of the box, but it could very easily be achieved with a trigger. Shout if you need any pointers.

    I think we would prefer to see the option to search for "empty/blank" in ALL dropdown/multi-select filters. I'm sure someone must've raised this previously... oh wait- https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206437817-More-Advanced-Filtering-in-V20-Required

  • Kieron Marshall

    Hi Lee, thanks for the offer but unfortunately we are hosted so triggers are not an option for us.

    Yes always trying to find a workaround like this because empty/blank filtering is not possible.


  • It is worth reaching out to USI. They have worked with us in the past to apply custom views/sprocs/triggers to hosted databases.

    Alternatively- if you're using v20 you could actually now use webhooks to achieve this.

  • Shelby Dodge

    Is there any way to automatically assign an account type to any account ordering service online through the iebms SOP?  If not, through ESC? 

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Shelby,

    At this time there is not a way to assign an account type to any account ordering service online through SOP or ESC. However, we would to know more about your business case for needing to assign an account type to these applications. An enhancement case may be needed as we work with you on a solution. 



  • Asli Okur

    Hi USI,

    Is there a way to retire old account types without deleting them?



  • Maggie U.

    Hi Asli,

    Unfortunately, there is not. When you attempt to delete an account type being used, you do get a prompt to replace the existing account type with a new account type but there isn't a retire process that allows you to remove it from the drop-down without deleting it.


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