Change a Registrant Type



  • Maryann Heck

    We have used this functionality however then realized that the registrant is not able to edit their order if they login in via the registration link. Do you have a way to resolve this?

  • Himanshu Sheogaonkar

    Hi Samara,

    Thanks for this. Great article to explain how to change a registrant type.

    As the registrant has paid through a credit card with a surcharge to the order, how would you collect the payment after being added into the system?

    Would you only collect the balance due amount to the paid amount without the surcharge, as the system does not allows us manually to add a credit card surcharge.

    Example below:

    Day Registration - $100

    Credit Card Surcharge @2.5% - $2.5

    Total Amount Paid = $ 102.50


    After changing the registration type from Day Registration to Full Registration

    Full Registration - $200


    Total Amount paid after changing registrant type should be Amount Due minus Amount Paid 

    = 200 - 102.50 = $97.5

    Please let me know if this is what you meant as per step 6&7.

    As we have configured credit card surcharge for our registration, you wont be able to add cc surcharge manually.



  • Sam Wilson

    Hello Danny,

    Changing the views within a tab requires expanding/popping out the window. This is currently necessary in order to display the general and advanced search sections required to configure the view.



  • Deborah Cowdery

    There is no change registrant type as an option under Tools. We are on V20.90

  • Mike Schepker

    Hi Maryann, 

    What version are you in? Does the new reg type exist on the configuration the user was logging into? If so, the user should be able to edit their order without issue. If you are getting an error when attempting to edit the order please open a ticket with Client Care so we can investigate and get it addressed. 



  • Danny Garrido

    We are on the latest version. 20.93. Clicking on the registrant's tab- nothing appears. the view is selected for the last 30 days. How can view change without popping out the window? 

  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Deborah,

    I suspect you may be attempting to locate the Change Registrant Type option from the wrong location. I've verified the option is present in your database and that you have the correct access rights. Please make sure you are utilizing the Tools menu associated with the Registrant (e.g., clicked Registrants on Global Navigation Bar, or Registrants tab within an event), and not on the Registration Order or another related window.

    If using the Registrant window and you are still unable to locate the option, please enter a Client Care case.



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