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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi there

    Can you let me know if the msi stored is updated with the latest version?  I just clicked on the link and downloaded the file UngerboeckWeb_20_8_160614.msi, but the version on my UB where I've just updated is being reported as 20.8.46!

    How do I know if the msi relates to the correct version?

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Jerry, 

    The name of the file contains the date that the new web add-in was created (in this case, it's June 14, 2016).  The name of the file and the version will usually not correspond. If you download the file through Ungerboeck, you will always receive the latest released version.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Thanks!

  • Levin Shum

    In v20, when trying to run a report from a v19 feature, for example "Current Receivables Aging (v19)", the v19 screen displayed no problem, but it couldn't generate the report and returned an error. (attached)

    This issue does not happen to our stations that still have EBMS Runtime and SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework (32 bit) installed.

    Do we actually need EBMS Runtime and SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework (32 bit) installed in order to have "Current Receivables Aging (v19)" to run its report properly?




  • Sara Noonan

    Hello!  You DO need the appropriate version of EBMS Runtime installed on the client machine in order to run reports through v19.  You do NOT need SAP Crystal Reports installed on all client machines to run reports.  

    Thanks and hopefully that clears things up.

  • Levin Shum

    Thank you Sara.

  • Sara Noonan

    Any time!

  • Helen Malone

    I followed the instructions and it still does not work.

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Helen - if you're having problems with installing the web add-in, we recommend creating a ticket with your regional Client Care team.  The representative can then troubleshoot the issue with you.  Thanks!

  • Michelle Herson


    Is this still correct for 30.99?



  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Michelle! Web add-in 20.8.83 and Chrome Extension 1.0.18 are required for 30.99. The web add-in is not version specific, so you're probably already on it. Thanks!

  • Elisabeth Bollmann

    Hi Sara,
    we are currently using the Web Add-In 20.08.220420. I just tried to download the latest version through the link above but this also seems to be Version 20.08.220420. 
    Is the Version 20.8.83 available anywhere else or is our Version the current one? 
    Is 20.08.220420 compatible with 30.99B ?

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Elisabeth - the naming convention can be a little confusing. 20.08.220420 is the same as 20.8.83. If you go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, it will show the version as 20.8.83. 

    Anyway, in short, it sounds like your users are current. This version is compatible with .99B. Thanks for reaching out!

  • Mirko Harrison-Gall


    I have a quick question, will there be a new Web Add-In suppoting the new Outlook for Windows? Since the functionallity of Drag and Drop E-Mails from Outlook into Momentus (or somewhere else) is disabled by Microsoft, maybe a new Web Add-in might bring back the functionality?

    Thank you.


  • Dustin Banks

    Mirko Harrison-Gall, what do you mean drag and drop is disabled by Microsoft? The drag and drop currently does the msg file. We have a back log item to make the drag and drop in to a Momentus email by reading the msg file but it does still do the msg file as a document file. There is a known issue with Outlook that it may not do the 'Drop' correctly when dragging directly from Outlook so you may have to drop it on your desktop first but that is the only issue that I am aware of. 

  • Mirko Harrison-Gall

    Hi Dustin,

    We are currently testing the Outlook Desktop App (The New Outlook) and it is not possible to Drag & Drop E-mails from Outlook to the desktop or Windows folders or even Momentus. We found out that Microsoft does not support this feature anymore. Many Users are discussing in Microsoft Communities.

    That's why I wonder if there is a new Web Add-in on the roadmap from the Momentus Dev's.

    Best regards,


  • Dustin Banks

    This would be the Outlook Add-in then. If Outlook has stopped supporting drag and drop, there would be nothing we could do outside of the Outlook Add-In. 

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