• Kris Corrigan


    I have created a view but cant add this on the dashboard due to 458 fixed assets not being able to choose as a subject, is there a way of showing this view any other way on the dashboard.



  • Mark Fingerhut

    Kris - as of the current version (20.9), views from Fixed Assets are not available to add to a dashboard. It's being considered for the version due for release this summer or late 2017, but if you'd like to push to have this sooner, I'd recommend entering an enhancement on this site. Thanks.

    Mark F

  • Kris Corrigan

    Thanks Mark

  • Korinna Ladusch


    In v19 in the Events window we had the option to have a predefined filter with the date range : all Events with start day yesterday and after.

    However, when needed I could quickly overwrite the date fields to the wanted date filters.
    In v20. I can use the relative date field OR the exact.data field
    Currently. I only see two options. :

    • We save 2 different Views (one witht relative date filter, and one with exact date filter), and switch as needed
    • We have a standards View (with relative date filter) and switch the filter in that View.

    We could work a lot more efficient if we had the same option as in v19. Can you pls advise if this will be developped?



  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Hi Korinna - I want to make sure I am understanding your question correctly. You are saying that in v19, using the relative date range mode and the exact date range mode were one in the same - you could easily move from relative to exact by typing in dates. However in v20, that requires pulling the settings next to the date field and switching from relative to exact. Is that correct? Thanks.

    Mark F 

  • Korinna Ladusch

    Hi Mark,

    that is correct.


  • Ryan G.

    Hi Korinna,

    It looks like that functionality isn't available in v20. If you would like to see it implemented in an upcoming release, you can submit an enhancement request through the Product Idea Forum.

    Thank you!


  • Sean Tame

    I think what would be beneficial is for the dates to always be visible.  Currently, the date values are replaced with the words "Last 7 Days" etc.  It would be great if the actual date values are always present (perhaps greyed out) with the words trailing, until such time as you might want to override them, in which case the words might be removed.

    This would serve two purposes.  1, you can clearly see the actual dates being applied and 2, you can quickly override as necessary.

  • Dale Rossetti

    With v30.98E, it looks like users need a Professional License to be able to edit Views. Express Licenses cannot do it at all.

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