Service Order Access Privileges



  • Shibin V P

    Question on Allow Access to Edit/Add/Delete Items by Department


    Is there a way to apply this privilege for editing alone? not for adding and deleting. Your suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you

  • Maggie U.


    This access privilege prevents or allows all three actions - edit, add and delete - so just editing can't be prevented. 

    There may be other solutions available depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  For example, fields can be protected based on role or the Allow Access to Edit Item by Item Status may also be another option.


  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Is there an access privilege which prevents the deletion of service orders if they are attached to a payment plan?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Gavin,

    There isn't an access privilege that will prevent you from deleting a service order that is attached to a payment plan but if the user attempts to delete a service order that is attached to a payment plan, he/she will receive a message prompting them to remove the order from the payment plan.



  • Kris Corrigan

    how can we amend the address of a bill-to when adding new bookings on a new service order to a contracted event.

    When we have added a service order with a new bill-to and added a line this will not go in the bookings for the event but we would like this to.

  • Ungerboeck Consultant

    Hi Kris -

    Right, if you add a service order without going through the bookings tab or the calendar to grab the space, then no actual booking is going to occur, its just creating an order using that space resource.

    When we add bookings to the order, they become collected against the booking order. Therefore, they will always inherit the same account information as the original bookings.

    You could potentially book the space in the name of the original account at no charge and then create a service order using the space resource to bill-to a different account?  Would that fit your needs?



  • Jackie Meixner

    Is it possible to edit multiple service order items once they've been completed (i.e. on the Actual tab of the service order)?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Jackie,

    You aren't able to edit multiple actual items at once. You'll need to go into each item individually to make the needed changes.



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