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  • Pam Schaffer

    What is "Suppress Auto Activity"? 

  • Carrie Spalding


    This is actually a v19 functionality, and not used in v20.

    In v19 if the box is not checked to suppress trace activity, the Add Trace window will open once an Activity is created and saved.  If it is checked, the Add Trace window will not open and no option to add a Trace will be given.

    While this isn't used in v20, and will eventually be removed once v19 is no longer supported, it remains there for our users who are still moving between v19 and v20.



  • Kara Noah

    We recently upgraded to 20.95D. Now a message comes up every time an Activity Type is selected saying "The selected activity type's text will replace the entered text. Do you wish to continue?" I understand the idea of warning users if they've entered text, but in our case, the users haven't entered any text in the activity. There's no text to be replaced. Is that working correctly?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kara,

    Sorry for the difficulties. I had our Quality Team run some tests but they can't recreate this in our internal test environment. Could you enter a ticket with our Client Care Team? It looks like you have recently uploaded a new copy of your database so they should be able to test this on that recent copy to recreate and send to our Development Team.



  • Kara Noah

    I'll do that, Maggie. Thanks.

  • Kara Noah

    Hi Maggie - I reread my post and realized I didn't explain it correctly.

    When a user adds an activity and chooses an Activity Type that has "automatic" text entered in it, that's the only time the message pops up. The message doesn't pop up for other Activity Types.

    What was odd to me was that the message came up even thought the user had not typed any text in the activity before selecting the Activity Type.

    That might be the way it's intended to work, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't a bug. It's not a big problem, but it adds a click for our users.

    Are you able to recreate that? Or would you like me to go ahead and submit a ticket?


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kara,

    Thanks for the update! That is very helpful to better understand what is going on. The behavior you are seeing is how it is intended to work but I do understand your point that when the text box is empty, it's an extra click in the process. I'd encourage you to post in the CRM Product Idea forum for our Product Managers to review and consider for a future release.




  • Kara Noah

    Thanks, Maggie.

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