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  • Permanently deleted user
    Hi, I know the functionality about the setup but I am looking for a way to group the registrants. Is it possible? Example Group 1 - ABC University Full Registration Student Registration Group2 - XYZ University Full Registration Student Registration Is there a possibility of modifying the form template and using your customize form for the event?
  • Permanently deleted user
    Hi Carrie, We have two scenarios and that's how we would like to track the money at the backend. This is for general public who would be looking at the registration form when registration opens. We are giving an opportunity to register by categorizing them - as per above example. I am looking for a similar functionality like how we group the sessions under form template for the registrant types. Right now, we can only SORT BY - Description, Price Ascending and Price Descending. Is there a way to customize this and group it. Cheers
  • Carrie Spalding
    Himanshu, Can you tell me where you're coming from with this? Public-Facing registration? Confirmations? Thanks! --Carrie
  • Danilo Bernal
    Himanshu, have your tried using registrant type dependent functions and/or function grouping? I think this will allow your users to see only their options in a group type selection. Because we branch functions and custom fields based on registrant type, this will help public facing users to select only the items available for them. They can also see the other options for the other group if they prefer.
  • Carrie Spalding
    Himanshu - Unfortunately grouping for registrant types is not available at this point (only basic sorting). If you'd like to see that functionality, please submit an enhancement request. Thank you, Carrie
  • Permanently deleted user
    Thanks Carrie

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