Document Headings and Subheadings



  • Stacey Gavin

    Thank you this article is helpful. It would be good if you could also edit the master tables of headings via v20 windows as well.

  • Dan Wagner

    Thank you for your feedback.  I've provided your interest to our Product Management team.

  • Lina Ford

    Is it possible to limit which headings are visible to a particular user?

  • Dan Wagner

    It is not possible to limit headings by user.

  • Melanie Alldis

    Is it possible to limit headings to a role in 20?

  • Dan Wagner

    Currently there is no way to limit headings by role.

  • Lina Ford

    Is there any other creative way you can think of to limit WHICH documents a user can see, then? Without blocking all documents?

  • Dan Wagner

    You can limit documents by sensitivity using the 'Allow Edit/Add of Documents by Sensitivity' access privilege.  The other option is to limit the access per document/template on the Access tab of the Document Properties window.  

  • Thai

    Anyway to make document headings a required field? Cannot see anywhere to turn this on

  • Dan Wagner

    Currently there is no way to require document headings.

  • Kieron Marshall

    In V20 Opportunities I see you can make a heading only available for the account when you are clicking on the "Add" from the dropdown.. Where can you see what headings are restricted to what accounts?

  • Barbara Key

    There are two types of headings.

    1. Global – These are added in the various template folders and are used across accounts, events, etc…
    2. Unique – These are added when you check the “Only Available” checkbox.  In v19, you added these by free form typing into the heading field.

    There currently is no place in the system to see which headings are attached to what account (events or other items), or to see which ones are global as compared to unique.

    To delete a unique heading, you just have to remove it from the documents and it will be deleted after you removed it from the last one.

  • Sean Tame

    Just so I'm clear - if I want to go through my master list of Headings and rationalise them and correct all the duplicates and spelling mistakes, there is currently no way of doing this?

  • Kieron Marshall

    Sean that is what we are finding, and it is making it very difficult to do housekeeping on them.

  • Sean Tame

    Hang on - it is there - just still in v19.

    <Subject> Template Documents

    Tools | Document Headings

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Is there no way to retire existing headings / sub headings? At the moment there only appears to be an option to delete a heading / sub heading which impacts on documents using these headings (a number displays rather than the sub heading).

  • Hi Gavin, could you possibly migrate existing documents with headings you're retiring to use new headings?

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Hi Lee, Yes that seems to be the only workaround but not ideal as there are so many documents to move.

  • Kaitlyn Batliner

    Hi Gavin,

    If you have the capabilities, you should be able to write a SQL statement to correct the Headings. If you or an internal resource do not have the capabilities, please reach out to our Services team by entering a ticket and they will be able to provide an estimate for creating one to do the work for you.

    One other solution would be to utilize our 'Edit Mulitple' capabilities. If you are on an Account, Event, etc., you should be able to select multiple documents, right click and 'Edit Multiple'. If the field is not currently present, you may need to add 'Heading' onto the layout, but you should be able to adjust the Document Headings in mass this way.


    Kaitlyn Batliner

    Ungerboeck Consultant

  • R.C. Chancy

    Is there a way to search EBMS for documents with specific headings/subheadings?

  • Kaitlyn Batliner

    Hi R.C.,

    If you are looking to view documents system wide based on specific heading/subheading, you can go to the Find Documents window off of the Main Menu. In the Advanced Search, there should be a filter for Heading. If this field isn't available, you may need to Edit Layout and add it as a filter.

    If you are looking to view documents at the Account, Event, Service Order, etc. level, you can expand the tab/section in to full screen and again utilize the Heading filter. You could also 'Show Columns' on the grid for the Documents tab/section and show the Heading column to sort or group these documents.


    Kaitlyn Batliner
    Ungerboeck Consultant

  • Rebecca McGregor

    Is there a way to make so that when an invoice is raised it automatically goes to the document tab under a certain heading?  For now they go into the documents tab with no heading & you have to manually go into the properties and select what heading.  

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Rebecca - we don't currently have a way to default a document heading. I'd suggest raising this as a comment/question in the community section of this site to see what others have done or to present a potential enhancement. Thanks.

    Mark F

  • Kris Corrigan


    For an email to be added to an event when I choose the event I seem to have different headings to other staff, I have created a 'Sales Document' heading how would I make this visible to all staff who enter an email via the outlook add-in.



  • Kieron Marshall

    Try event templates then document headings

  • Dale Rossetti

    We've switched fully to v.20; Accounting had been using 19 for quite some time. Their Financial Document Headings appear when listing the documents in the "Financial Documents" window (ex. to group by Financial Year 2020, 2019, 2018, etc.), but a good number of these heading cannot be picked / chosen from the Headings dropdown when adding or moving a document. I've learned that many of the primary and secondary headings here were set with "Unique" instead of "Global". If I try to manage the headings, they don't show up in the list.

    If I write a SQL query to change all of the "Unique" entries to "Global", would that cause any major issues?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Dale,

    We spoke with Development and changing headings is more complex than just that type of SQL query. I'm going to ask your Account Manager, Lenora, to connect with you about what options are available to make sure we can get this updated without causing any other problems with your documents.



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