Event Sensitivity



  • Veronica Losh

    Is this applicable to v19.8?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Veronica,

    Yes, this is applicable to v19.8 as well.



  • Bac Lam


    Can we add one more level on top of [Confidential] for highest configential event which we will input incognito information ?


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Bac,

    I think the Confidential Events feature in v20 would accomplish what you are looking for.  Contact your Account Manager and he/she can schedule some time for you to take a look at the feature and see if it would meet your needs.



  • R.C. Chancy

    Can we add new sensitivities?



  • Maggie U.

    Hi R.C.,

    Sensitivities are defined by the system so they can't be removed or added to.


  • Tabitha Chase

    When we copy events in v20, it keeps the original event's sensitivity, instead of defaulting back to Public.  In v19 this was not the case.  Am I missing another piece to get it to default to Public?  Thanks!

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Tabitha,

    In v19 there is an option on the Copy Event window that allows you to select whether fields from the "Supplement" tab are copied or not.  My assumption is when copying in v19 you are leaving this unchecked, so the Sensitivity field is not being copied there.

    In v20, we made architectural changes that do not include a separate object for those items and we no longer include that as an option for selection on the Copy Event window.   Instead we simply copy all of those items, which can be edited on the new event.

    If this is something you feel should be changed, please post it to the Community Forum where it can be reviewed by our Product Managers and other customers can comment and indicate support if appropriate.


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

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