Document Versions



  • Sean Tame

    Is there a way to display the version number of the document in the documents grid?  This seems like a very obvious thing but I cannot seem to find it.


  • Carrie Spalding

    Hey Sean, currently no, you can't, but I had Product Management add it to the list.



  • Julia Snell

    Hi there,

    We have a document that can't be opened. Instead, we get an error message saying: "This action is only supported by documents that utilize version control." It's a message I've never seen before.

    Any idea what is causing this error? All other documents are opening without any problems.


    Many thanks

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Julia,

    This message indicates that the document is not in the database, so therefore there isn't a version available to access. Is this an old document? What type of document is it? 


  • Julia Snell

    Hi Maggie,

    Many thanks for your swift response.

    That does make sense. I looked at the properties for this document - it dates back to 2013 and was last looked at in 2016. There doesn't seem to be a file path. The document is within an event that has been taking place at the QEII for many years. As the structure of the event is pretty much the same every year the document just gets copied over from the previous year. I wonder if this document is even relevant to the event any more

    I have asked my colleague to ask the person who checked in the document originally if it is still relevant.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Julia,

    Glad we were able to troubleshoot the problem. Let us know if you need any further assistance!


  • Chris Hunjas

    I have some GL template documents that were created long ago, but updated within the last 14 months.  We are unable to bring them into our financial documents (they aren't available to select).  When I look in the Financial Templates, I see them but cannot access them - am getting the same version control error messages as noted above.   No versions, but a path.  How can I get to these documents?

  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Chris - 

    I have seen some cases where the template document gets inadvertently inactivated which can cause it to not appear when selecting a template.  

    Are the documents considered active?

    Let us know if this still an issue for you, and if so, we can review it with you.



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