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  • Steve Gilbey - ICC Sydney

    Can anyone tell me what is the functional difference between a Feature,  a Setup and a Package?

    In a resource setup I can select either but what difference does it make which is chosen?

    Likewise in Space Master, on a space I can add Features and Setups. Again what's the difference and, if I add both, which should be selected in the equivalent resource?

    Finally, is there any way of configuring these so that when you select a particular 'Requested Setup' in a space booking row of an event that an order for that package/setup is created?



  • Katie Eisenbath

    Hi Steve,

    Setups are the way a room can be arranged--typical examples are Classroom, Theater, or Hollow Square.  When you configure setups, you can tie the setup to a resource package that outlines the furniture needed to set up the room in that fashion. 

    Features are characteristics about a room or space—typical examples are ceiling height and area.  Also typical are “selling points” of the space such as floor-to-ceiling windows, ocean view, or built-in sound system.

    Both Setups and Features can be added as attributes for a space, which is why you can select these when you are adding/editing a space.  When you book a space on an event, there is an additional column that can be added to the booking called “Requested Setup.”  Please note this does not automatically add a service order.

    A package is a group of resources.  When the package is ordered, all of the resources listed within the package are added to the order.

    To order a setup for a room, you would add the setup package to a function.  When ordering the setup package, it will add all of the items that are contained in the package, based on the unit of measure used on the package-typically number of persons.  So, if you have a Classroom setup, and you have created a setup package for it that includes 1 table and 3 chairs per each 3 persons, if you order that Classroom setup on a function, and indicate it is for 30 persons, it will automatically add 10 tables and 30 chairs to the order.

    Please let me know if I can further assist you with this.

  • Permanently deleted user

    My Discounts section is greyed out (except for the "Exempt:" selection box). How can I change this in order to add discount resources to resources?

  • Sean Tame

    Ricardo, are you editing a Resource or a Resource Type?  This option is only available for Resource Types.  This should be indicated above as it is something I wasted a lot of time on once.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Ricardo & Sean,

    Sean is correct that it is available only for resource types.  I updated the article to make it more clear that it is configured on the resource type.



  • Permanently deleted user


    I notice now too that that the article on configuring surcharge resources (https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/211809997) is explicit about making that change at the resource type level.


  • Eileen Durand

    hello, can someone let us know how putting in base costs and associated costs filter upward to a price list or an order item?  It seems there are places on order items for cost, on price list items for cost and for resources on cost, but none seem to be affected by any other.  thank you.

  • Eileen, from memory there used to be a synchronise option which had check boxes to determine which elements of the resource(s) you would like to update on the price list and orders. 

    Does that help?

  • Eileen Durand

    Thanks Lee - it's a great start.  I think that is probably exactly what we are looking for.  Now I've got to figure out how to do it.  I see under Tools there is a cost synchronization option for v19 on both resources and on price lists but I can't see how they actually affect each other.  I am searching the knowledge base to see if I can find something on it.  thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

  • Katie Eisenbath

    Hi Eileen,

    The Synchronization goes from the Resource to the Price List.  So, if you place a cost on the Resource, then synchronize, it will feed over to the Price List. 

  • Eileen Durand

    Thank you Katie - are there any written "steps" for it?  I put a cost on a resource, chose Tools/cost synchronization and when I end up in V19 the resource area is blank.  I then typed in the resource code, hit refresh and got nothing so I can't seem to get anywhere from the resource area. 

    If I go to a pricelist item and choose cost synchronization, it at least shows me the pricelist it is coming from.  then when I chose process, it says it reprocessed orders but I don't see what actually got changed on the order since the unit cost still shows up as zero. 

  • Katie Eisenbath

    Eileen - there are not any written steps for it, however, high-level this is how it flows:

    *important note - it is designed to be used in conjunction with Inventory Items

    1.) Update the Cost on the Resource Item.  This can be done either from the Price List (Edit Resource) or from the Resources window.

    2.) Once you have saved the resource and the updated associated cost, you can then click "Synchronize Cost (v19).  This takes you to a window where it is asking you to select the corresponding Inventory Item.  If there is only one inventory item, it will be pre-selected for you.  You can then click "Process."

    3.) If there are orders associated with the item, and you are updating the cost on those items for purposes of P&L, a summary window will appear and show you which orders were updated.

    Please let me know if I can provide additional assistance.


  • Eileen Durand

    Katie, that's what I did, but on the v19 window, the resource (or inventory item) does not display.  Is it because we are not managing inventory anywhere?  We have not worked with inventory at all. 

    also I am still trying to figure out what actually got updated on my orders when I synchronized from the pricelist item to the specific orders that had that resource in it.  to me they look the same.  thank you

  • Katie Eisenbath

    Eileen - You are correct.  In order for the cost to sync with the items, you must have items in the Inventory Items window that are connected to those resources. 

  • Shannon Walsh

    Hi folks. Is there a way to synchronize the Base Cost of a Resource to its Price Lists? I see a "Cost Synchronization (v19)" in Tools, but our v19 has been decommissioned.  

  • Sharon Whitehall

    Shannon -- What version are you on?  96 and forward the Cost Synchronization is in v20/v30.

  • Shannon Walsh

    Hi Sharon. I assumed that might be the case. We actually have a meeting today with Ungerboeck and my IT team to go over our impending upgrade to .96.  I will let folks know that they will see the synchronization in .96 and beyond.  :)

  • Michelle Herson


    What should the size of the Main Image/Thumbnail Image be for OSB?

  • Kaitlyn Batliner

    Hi Michelle,

    Below are the optimal image sizes for the Resources that will be made available on Order Processing component of OSB:

    Main/Title Image: 200x150 (4:3 ratio)
    Details Image: 275x206 (4:3 ratio)
    Larger Image on Details: 500x375 (4:3 ratio)

    If you have any further questions on OSB configuration items, I do recommend reaching out to your onboarding consultant who can speak specifically to your business use case.


    Kaitlyn Batliner
    Senior Consultant

  • Michelle Herson

    Thank you Kaityln!  

  • Kris Corrigan


    Is there a way add a large number of resources to the system in one process?


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