Add a Note to a Resource



  • Kathy McLellan

    How can I add a note to a Resource but suppress it from printing on any client facing documents?

    I set the Sensitivity to Internal which I thought would do the trick however the note is printing on the License Agreement.







  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kathy,

    You are correct that client facing reports (reports set to External for Scope on the Report Master) won't print notes set to Internal or would give you a prompt so you could choose what Sensitivity you want to print. The report you reference, License Agreement, isn't a standard report in our system so it could be that a standard report has been renamed or you are using a custom report.

    If you go to the Report Master from the Main Menu, you can search for this report and show the Scope column to see if it's set to External and show the Origin column to see if it's set to Standard or Custom.

    If the report has an Origin of Standard and Scope of Internal, then the Internal notes will display. If the report has an Origin of Custom, then you can either work with someone who is familiar with Crystal at your organization to adjust the report to not show these notes or you can reach out to our team and we can help update the report to not show Internal notes.


  • Diana Foster

    If you edit a note on a resource AFTER it is already on the price list, does the price list note automatically update? 

  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Diana,

    Notes are added to price list items from the resource only when a resource item is added to the price list. Price list item notes are not automatically updated when the note on the resource item is changed.



  • Matthias Bossuyt


    If you add a new note in the resource, is there way to see it on the price list items? 

    Some resources are in multiple price lists, so it would be handy if we can add a note once for multiple price lists. 

    Kind regards,

  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Matthias,

    The behavior is the same for new notes. Notes are only added to price list items as part of the original addition of the resource item to the price list. 

    I can relate to the level of effort involved when managing multiple price lists. Consider adding an enhancement request on this issue. You can follow these instructions if you are not familiar with the process.

    1. Access the Support Center. (https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com)
    2. Go to the The Community by clicking on the Collaborate! button.
    3. Click on the Product Ideas tab.
    4. Click the Enter the Forum button for the forum where you would like to add the enhancement request. (This would probably fit best under the General Product Ideas forum.)
    5. Click the Create a Post in this Topic button.
    6. Complete the form and click the Submit button.

    Adding the request to a Product Ideas forum allows other users to endorse your enhancement request and share their own use-cases in support of enhancing the software. Our developers take these into account when prioritizing their development efforts.



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