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  • Sean Tame

    Is there a way to stop Field types of Blank Line and Header from chewing up the available TXT_NN fields?  We have hit the 50 field limit mainly due to Headings and blank lines.  Eg, if a 'section' has one field to fill out, we lose 3 fields in the process.


  • Jason Rief

    I am trying to add an opportunity type (OT) to our ESCV that will allow the customer to select multiple values.These instructions are above "Allow Multiple Values: Checking this box allows the User to select Multiple Choices if Validation is being applied to the question and the Validation is set to either drop-down or check box format. If Validation has not been applied to the question this field is inactive." I have my OT set up with a validation list  but when I check the box 'Allow Multiple Values" this OT completely disappears from my list. How can I fix this so a customer can select multiple values? Thanks

  • Dave Segasture


    Please submit this with Details including screen shots of the screens to Support. It sounds like there may be a software error. 


  • Sean Tame

    Regarding the Display Line.  In v19 we could drag and drop the sequence of fields in order.  Now each field must be manually sequenced.  If you need to add another field , you must first re-sequence each and every subsequent field. 

    There is a simple solution to this.  Can the hard stop message be changed from "Each custom field must have a unique display line" to "This sequence already exists.  Would you like to insert your new field here and re-sequence all following fields?" Yes/No.

  • Dave Segasture

    Daniel: Custom Text Fields are limited to 255 Characters - When I've run into that kind of issue in the past I've moved to the use of a Note Field instead. I hope that helps.

  • Daniel Dickenson

    Hi All, 


    Is there a way round to have a field/ answer to be more than 255 characters long? 


    We're looking to create a free text field and we're not sure if 255 characters will always be enough. If anyone has a workaround that would be greatly appreciated.


    Kind regards, 


  • Daniel Dickenson

    Hi Dave,


    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm currently using the Opportunity Type as a Customer Opportunity Web Form therefore I tried amending the figure, for the Max Characters, in the database itself however I was able to add more characters originally but on further inspection the database stopped recording the data after 255 characters.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Sean, I've sent this to Product Management.  I'll let you know if I receive an update.



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