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  • Kieron Marshall

    Thanks Justin, I actually already do this with a normal resource set to per 100 and .03 on the price list as you suggested.

    It doesnt seem like the Manual tax does anything different then? The difference I was hoping to achieve was avoiding the manual entry of order total.

  • Megan Eve

    I thought I did. Because we had exempt on our tax marked as yes. So I unchecked it. It worked for registration. But now it is applying tax to things we don't want it to apply tax to (I understand that is how it works) but on a service order item under the other tab if taxable is not checked then in my opinion tax should not be applied. 

    Or does marking tax exempt mean if that is checked then tax on a service order can be taken away if we want it to? If that is the case then I still need help adding tax in registration. 

  • Kieron Marshall

    Hi Sean, It is our credit card surcharge.. Hence why it is not automatic..

    I have it working fine "manually" as a normal per100 resource but requires the user to enter in the amount, however the goal I was thinking of was the sales user can just "manually add" the tax when there is a surcharge and that is it, it calculates like the other taxes on the ordered total without any entry.

    We would also use this for damage waiver as well, as its not always applicable.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Megan,

    Glad you got it figured out - let us know if you need any more help!


  • Kieron Marshall

    With "Add Manually" how does this work? how can it be added to a order manually?

    I have done test, I have created a tax with 3% and set it to manually.

    Then when I try to add through add Service Order item it isn't there, so then I Add it to the price list. It is then available as an option. so I can add it, then it comes through at 1 unit and 0 unit charge. and not calculated manually.

    My theory on this was, I could set a tax at 3% made it a manual one, and then I would be able to manually add it when I want to use it, and it calculate 3% on any resources on the service order with it assigned to the resource tax scheme without any manual entry of figures.

    Was I incorrect or am I adding this wrong?

  • Sean Tame


    What do you intend to use the 'manual' tax for?  I think that is the point of the manual entry.  Otherwise, wouldn't you set it as an auto tax?

  • Justin Nolde

    Hi Kieron,

    1. Set up the Tax Resource. Check it as a manual tax. You would not need to add a rate to the tax resource nor add it to a tax scheme.

    2. Add the manual tax resource to the price list. Keep in mind that the resource is set up as Percent per 100 Each. On the price list, in standard price you would put .03 for a 3% tax, following your example.

    3. Now on a service order, you have the option of adding that item. To start off, just put a 1 in the units column. This will of course select the tax. Once on the Edit Service Order screen, in the units column you will want to put the overall order total (if applying the tax to everything) or the total of the specific item you are taxing. The system will then do the math for you.

    Just a heads up, this is also what you can do for a "manual discount". The difference is that you would set it up as a type 3 resource, there is no "manual" check box, and when you add it to the price list, you would put -.03, for example.



  • Sean Tame

    Credit Card Surcharge?  - I'm out.

  • Ella Fancett

    Which access privilege would be applicable in 'locking' the tax schemes modification? 

    case: somehow the tax scheme was deleted for a specific tax and it stopped the service orders pulling the VAT therefore, it was not possible to continue with invoicing activities. Is there a way to safeguard/deny modification to tax schemes?


  • Megan Eve

    I am setting up a registration and the resource I am using for registration has a tax scheme applied to it, but when testing the registration sales tax does not get applied. How can I calculate the tax through registration? Do I need to do something on the price list even though the resource has a scheme. If I click tax inclusive on the price list it takes tax away. 

    - I think I figured it out

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