• Permanently deleted user

    Hi - is there a way to restrict the Requested Setup against a booking to only show those Setups defined against the relevant space? 

    Scenario: I've got 5 setups in total, and against Space 1 I've selected 2 of those setups in the Space Master.  When I book an event for that Space and go to the Requested Setup dropdown it shows all 5 options - not just the 2 that are valid for that Space!

    Am I missing part of the puzzle or is this the way UB works?

  • Brad Hinton

    Hi Jerry,

    You are correct that when booking a space, you will see all of the setup options that have been configured in your system.  It will not restrict the available setups to only those assigned to the space in the Space Master.  

    The function of assigning setups to the space in the space master is for use with the Venue Availability (VA) iEBMS module, and the availability search feature within the booking calendar.  In both of those areas, searching for space by the requested setup with limit the results to only spaces that have the requested setup assigned in the space master.  

  • When we book a space against an event and select a "requested setup" should an order automatically be created? I think we may be missing a step somewhere.

    We have configure the setup with detail items, attached it to price list/resources/space but when we use the setup on a booking line no service order is created.


  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Lee,

    No, selecting a Requested Setup on the booking does not create an order in v20.


  • So is there any real purpose in using it? It seems like half finished functionality? Is this on the cards?

  • Wendy Thompson

    It is primarily a reference that perhaps a Booking person can add, then the Event Coordinator would know what the customer requested and could add the actual setup to the appropriate function.  I believe in v19 there was a way to generate an order, but that was never implemented in v20.  It has been discussed, but I don't believe it is on the roadmap at this time.

    I would encourage you to add something to the Feature Requests area if this is something you would like to have.


  • Will do- thanks Wendy

  • Joel Rogol


    I am totally with Lee here.

    Before the user can select the requested setup, he has to hover the space in calendar to see which setups are possible. In another scenario where people add or edit the booking form the Edit Event window, they have no chance to know which room setup is available/possible. If the requested Room Setup field would be limited, it would be already a great help.

    I don't understand how something simple like this is not available? Can you tell me how the user can request the correct setup for the room without checking the space in calendar by hovering over the space?



  • Chelsea Dolman

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your post. You have a great point and this is something I think our Product team would be interested to hear about.

    If you have time to raise this as an enhancement request, it would be good if you can give us an example of how your Users ideally see this working. For example, would it be helpful for the list of Setups available in the the Requested Setups column to be restricted to those configured on the Space chosen? Would a hover functionality on the Space column be helpful? Or maybe a new column that pulls the list of Setups configured on the Space, once a space has been chosen?

    Understanding how you would like it to work helps a lot when Product are reviewing the enhancement requests.

    Many thanks,


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