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  • Sean Tame

    It would really be usable if this was considered at the time of adding service order items, rather than a validation at the end.  In your example, you would have many projectors assigned to many rooms.  When I add a Service Order for Room A, I get a listing of all the projectors.  At this stage I cannot see or do no know the correct one.  If I guess wrong, I get a hard stop and have to try pot luck again.  If the projectors that were not available simply didn't show up in the list, I would only have one to choose from and would be guaranteed to get it right.

    Interestingly enough, iEBMS SOP does handle this - so perhaps you could steal some code from there?

  • Adriana Ackland

    I second Sean's comment! Any reason the functionality hasn't been updated in back-office?

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