• Andrew Blanda

    One tip to be aware of - if you have changed your view, you may not immediately see your space show up on your booking calendar. I overcame this by Selecting Advanced Search, then Select Spaces + had to add it to the "Selected" (right-hand side) section. Be sure to save your view for all users!

  • Sean Tame


    Booking Restrictions – Enter any booking restrictions for the space. Applicable only when using iEBMS Venue Availability.  Booking restrictions do not apply for spaces booked directly within the system.

    Can you please explain the business logic for why we cannot enforce restrictions on a space?

    Our situation at present is that a space is being re-developed and therefore is out of commission for several years.  Rather than creating a booking for this space (which will clutter the jobs/events list for quite some time, it would be great to block it out using this functionality.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Sean, the functionality you're speaking of is being considered for the future, though I don't have a timeline.


  • Chuck Catotti

    BUT-- If this functionality is being considered for back office, it needs to be separate from on-line.  We have many booking restrictions for on-line availability that DO NOT apply to back office.

  • Andrew Blanda

    Carrie, can I add my support for Sean's request - We, too need to enforce a booking restriction and need this functionality.

    Is there any other way to force a restriction on a space when a booking is being made? (in my example one of my spaces cannot run past 10:30pm on any night)

    Would it help if I raised an enhancement request?

  • Carrie Spalding

    Andrew, I always encourage enhancement requests! The more requests that come through for the same functionality, the higher it goes on the list.  Obviously it's not a guarantee, but every little bit helps.


  • Sean Tame

    Andrew the only way to do this at present afaik is to book the space (against an internal event) so it is taken out of availability.

  • Keary Harris

    Is there any way to add a space to the system that is viewable to all, but only bookable by a specific user/group?  For example, if we have a space that is only bookable by the President's Office, can we set up the room to where only people who work in the President's Office are able to book the space? V19

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Keary,

    You could use the Access Privilege Add/Change/Delete Bookings By Space Type Level 2 to restrict who can book what space types.  This is independant of the ability to view the bookings calendar.

  • Shelby Dodge

    What is the difference between the default booking units and the gross square footage under the features tab within the space?

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Shelby,

    The default booking units field is a USI defined option that allows you to set a default number of units when adding a booking and selecting a rate, based on the value entered along with the Default Booking U/M.  If the U/M on the rate matches the U/M here, the units will default to that number on the booking line.

    The gross square footage under the features tab is a user defined option with minimum and maximum settings that can be used in the Availability Search when looking for space in back office as well as the online booking tool (when configured).

    Those values can match or not.  There is no specific connection between the two.


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

  • Gavin Gilmartin

    I would like to use the column Booked Area on the Events window. Can anybody please advise how to configure this? I have populated the Area fields on the space via Spaces but it still doesn't appear to display any data. 

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