• Lopez Flores Erick (MX-COMERCIAL)


    I have a question about requisition process. Actually I have the configuration to do it and I got everything fine but since I have an GL account configured in my supplier I suppose that this account should be credited into the Distribution Tab as the items's expense GL account is debited.  But it is not happening.

    The problem is that I have to introduce this account until I create and post the voucher batch, I think it should be automatically

    Thanks, Erick

  • Patrick Tenny

    If the GL Account is stored on the Supplier Payable Demographics prior to creating the Requisition, it should default on the requisition and flow through to the AP Voucher. Is this setup as an inventory item? if so, what is the Major's gl distribution? Please define the steps in your process.

  • Lopez Flores Erick (MX-COMERCIAL)

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for your quick answer, this is an example of the process that I am doing:

    1. I stored the GL Account 2101010001 (Type=Liability, Level=Posting account) on the Supplier A/P Demographics in the GL Distribution Tab.

    2. The major's GL distribution of the Inventory item that I am using has only the GL Account 50300101012250 with type "Dr Purchase", the GL account type is Expense.
    3. I used the provider and the material above to create the requisition. And the system automatically put one row in the Distribution Tab with the GL Account 50300101012250 (the one in the inventory item)

    4. Then:

    a) I approved de requisition,

    b) I created the PO
    d) I approved the PO
    e) I issued the PO

    f) I received the item

    g) I added a voucher batch with the PO.

    h) I posted the voucher batch

    The problem is that the journal entry generated has an Error because there is not the GL account in the line with the description of the supplier, so I have to select it manually (2101010001). And I think that it should be automatically default.



  • Patrick Tenny

    The Liability (2101010001) is configured in the Accounts Payable Configuration window. This sets the Liability for all Voucher transactions.

    The AP demographics on the supplier is used to set the default expense accounts when not using Inventory Majors. Major GL Distribution for DR Purchase overrides the AP Demographics

  • Lopez Flores Erick (MX-COMERCIAL)

    Thanks Pat.


    We are going to try this way.



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