Organization Parameters



  • Ryan G.

    Hi Megan Eve!

    Org Parameters should really only be added under the advice of Ungerboeck. Its probably best to loop your consultant in on this one.



  • Megan Eve

    Is this something we can find in the "USI about" from the dashboard or does our consultant need to provide these to us?

    • Application - Two character code provided by Ungerboeck Software.
    • Code - Three digit numeric code provided by Ungerboeck Software.


  • Sean Tame

    Regarding Org Parm CA EV80 - the note indicates that the values to switch the behaviour are:

    Y / <blank>


    N / <invalid>

    How does v20 differentiate between N and <blank> on a checkbox?  I am not sure how to set the value to N 

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Sean,

    I assume you are referring to the Contract Configuration screen - you will want to have the check box unchecked to set the value to N.



  • Sean Tame

    Hi Maggie - yes.

    That's what I thought but Unchecked seems to be the same as <blank> and therefore behaves the same as Y.  I had to go via v19 and physically enter N into the Alphanumeric value.

    I think it needs to be changed so that <blank> is the same as No rather than Yes.

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