Import or Export a Floor Plan



  • Bridget Mahon

    How do you determine the exhibitor document class? 

    I keep getting this error note: Floor plans cannot be added to the Planning/Booking function. Please select a different function and try again.

  • Shannon Wiley

    Floor Plans cannot be uploaded to the default function that is created when an event is created (the Planning/Booking Function). Floor Plans can also only be added to Exhibition Class functions.

    You must add a new function for your floor plan and then show the Class column in the Function grid and change the Class to "Exhibition" and save. Now select that newly added function when adding your floor plan.

  • Jean Modräger

    We have the same problem, although we added a new function as described above.

  • Shannon Wiley

    Hi Jean,

    You should only be getting the error message, "Floor Plans cannot be added to the Planning/Booking function." if you are attempting to add the floor plan to the planning function that is created when saving the Add Event window.

    If the new function is not an exhibition class function then you should receive the following message, "Floor plans can only be added to exhibition class functions. Please change the class of this function to exhibition or select a different exhibition class function and try again."

    Which error message are you seeing when adding a new floor plan and selecting the new exhibition class function you created?

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