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  • Verena Zublasing

    Hello, we did the upgrade to 96C and in the Topics - Session Proposals from the main menu all our topics are still there. all of them are active. 

    but when editing a session submission proposal form of an event, by clicking on show topics and then on select topics, the list is empty (same for presentation types) . any suggestions? thank you

  • Mike Schepker

    Hi Verena,

    In .96, we gave users the ability to have different topics and presentation types per form. Previously, any topics and presentation types added to one form were added to all forms on that event. In order to do this, you must first add the topics and types to the Submission Setup window. 

    In order to add topics and presentation types to an event, go to Tools -> Session Proposal Management -> Submission Setup. On the Proposal Submission Setup screen that opens, there are two new tabs, Event Presentation Types and Event Topics. If you do not have these on your layout, you will need to edit the layout and add them. 

    Once the topics and presentation types are added to the setup, you can then add them to each individual submission form using the Select hyperlinks that you're used to. 

    Hope this helps!



  • Verena Zublasing

    oh that is great! all worked out fine! 

    thank you so much for your prompt reply!



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