Report on Exhibitor Portal Tasks



  • Louise Ivory

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change what the task filters are automatically set to when an exhib signs into their portal? For example currently it is set to show Not Started and In Progress, we would like it to Show Completed tasks too. 

  • Eric Lowe

    The updated design in 23.1 changed the default to only display Not Started and In Progress due to lots of customer feedback that exhibitors were being overwhelmed with information, that they want the exhibitors to easily find the next task that is due.  The new filter buttons at the top of the task list were designed so that exhibitors would easily know that 2 of the filters were enabled (highlighted in blue) and that the Completed filter was disabled. 

    There is no configuration to change this.  The only option I can think of would be to override the controls with custom webskins.  I do not know how but believe that would be the only way to change the filter behaviors. 

  • Louise Ivory

    Okay thankyou for your reply. 

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