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  • Karen Hume
  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    Hi Karen,

    That link was meant to be generic, so yes it does not work.

    If you substitute your v20 URL for 'yourv20site.com' and add '/api/help' at the end of it, you should see it work.

    Also, even less cryptic is the 'API Help' main menu option from within v20.  Here is an article to help you explore the API:



  • Steven Spyrka

    How can I use the API to retrieve an invoice as a PDF and not just the metadata?

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    This is currently not available in the API.  We are adding an endpoint to run Crystal Reports from the API that will return a PDF.  This will be patched to 20.94 in the next 1-2 months.

  • Steve Gilbey - ICC Sydney

    Hi Craig,
    Are you intending to develop API endpoints that will allow manipulation of work orders. e.g. Complete/Open work Order, Complete/Open Work Order Item, edit Actuals, delete Actuals, etc?
    (would really help with our migration of integrations to the cloud!)

  • Jake Griesenauer

    Hey Steve,

    Thought I would jump in here since my team would be responsible for developing these endpoints. We don't currently have these specific endpoints on our immediate roadmap, but they'll be under consideration for a future release.

    What type of an integration are you currently using where you'd need to update the work order information via the API? Trying to understand the business case a bit better...

    Let me know,

    Jake Griesenauer
    Product Manager - Orders & Operations

  • Steve Gilbey - ICC Sydney

    Hi Jake,

    It is a bit obscure.  We want to be able to amend and close Work Orders for Statistics (Type 6) resources

    When our system was onsite we would run an SSIS job each night that totals either Forecast, Ordered or Actual service order items and writes the result into a statistics item (that is created automatically when the event is booked).

    When we went to the cloud, USI migrated those scripts into our cloud SQL server to keep us going for the time being, but we have no direct access to those scripts to test, modify or alter. Ideally we would like to bring this operation in house again, where we do all the totaling and filtering and then use the API to write the final value to the stat item. We need to be able to trigger WO close for this as no phase 5 record exists for statistic when it is created, it needs to close to generate the phase 5 actual that we would then update with the API.

    Hope this explains sufficiently

  • Theresa Gorman

    Is there an api for the event logo?  I have looked within events but can't see it and wondered if it was maybe located elsewhere.  Thanks

  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Theresa.  Event Logo APIs will be included with our next major release.

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