Install the Microsoft Outlook, Office & Excel Reporting Add-In



  • Brooke Adamson

    Is there any specific documentation that speaks to the actions that need to take place when an on-prem Ungerboeck customer goes from on-prem Outlook to Office 365? We want to make sure we're completing all the needed steps for this migration to ensure emailing out of V20 and using the add-in work.



  • Rhonda Lammert


    We don't have a Microsoft document going to office 365.  The only thing we provide is the office and outlook add-in documentation.  If you are using outlook as the send email process there is a configuration in Ungerboeck that you may need to change.  Also, if the smtp information changes you will need to update the v20 Ungerboeckwebconfig.exe >application settings tab.  Also, any v19 .ini file that has the smtp server list will need to be changed.  Let me know if you have additional questions that I may be able to assist with.



  • Karin van der Horst

    Is there anybodyin the community that wa sable to install the latest (94) email add in without issue (on premis , with silent install),

    If so, can you inform us what you did to make that happen?

  • Glen Russell

    Can I have access to the Ungerboeck WebAdd-in v20.8.73 for the cloud environment - I need this as a MSI so that it can be installed on multiple PC's (all with Ungerboeck cloud access only).

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you

    Glen Russell

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Glen,

    Looks like Xander replied to your ticket already but you can use http://software.ungerboeck.com/bridge/default.aspx?ver=current to access the latest Web Add-In.



  • Asli Okur

    I just saw that there are newer versions of the outlook / office add-ins available in FTP.

    I could not find information in support center about the changes/bug fixes of these add-ins in different versions? It would be great to know if it is worth the upgrade or not and what to test exactly, when a newer version is there.

    We are currently in 1.1.6 (version independent) and the new version in FTP is 1.2.01.



  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Asli,

    I received the following information from our developer who works on the Outlook / Office add-ins. These are the corrections and enhancements made for 1.7 and above releases. I would recommend upgrading when you are ready as there have been a number of improvements made since 1.1.6. 

    • 1.7 – Corrections
      • Excel Reporting: Corrected issues with new organization data map (20.97 impact only)
      • Excel Reporting: Corrected issues with running with Kutools Excel Addin
      • Outlook: Corrected an issue with the Contracts loading Archived contracts.
      • Outlook: Corrected an issue with Contract ID not superseding the other filters.
      • All: The connections window now uses the app access token for Windows Auth.
    • 1.9
      • Excel Reporting: Added additional caching for improved performance
      • Excel Reporting: Corrected issue with loading calendar notes on popup calendar when no calendar notes exist in the database
      • Outlook: Corrected an issue on searching Contracts
      • Outlook: Corrected an issue on importing multiple emails.
      • Outlook: Corrected an issue on importing a meeting email.
    • 2.01
      • Excel Reporting:
      • *Office Add-In: Discarding changes will now check in the document but there is a server-side change as well so this feature is only fixed after 96D2020110401.
      • Excel/Excel Reporting: Caused an infinite loop when trying to check in causing Excel to crash.



  • laurence campano

    I just wanted to ask why it did not work on the shared machine, Because I installed it on a desktop PC and only one user enabled, when logging in another user did not appear in the add-in of the outlook. We use the Office 365 Outlook desktop app. Thanks for answering.




  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Laurence, 

    First, verify that you have the Professional version of Office installed on the machine.  From there, I would recommend verifying if you're using 32 or 64 bit Office and downloading the proper add-in.  If both of those check out, how did you install the add-in?  Right click on setup.exe > Run as administrator?  Did the system prompt you for administrative credentials?  If so, you'll need to make sure to choose the option to install for Everyone instead of Just Me.  Using the MSI to install instead of setup.exe can be dicey, so we recommend always running the exe file.

    If you've verified that all of the above, we recommend entering a ticket with your regional Client Care team for additional troubleshooting.


  • Eric Swenson

    Hi - Are there instructions for the outlook add-in on a mac?  We are hosted in USI and on 30.96. Thanks!

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Eric, 

    While our Product Management team is always looking for ways to improve the Ungerboeck experience on a Mac, there are no add-ins currently available natively for iOS. However, we are definitely aware of the need for something like this, so stay tuned for future updates.


  • Karl Mavadia

    Hallo Ungerboeck support team,

    Q1: Does the Ungerboeck Outlook web add-in have any entry as a COM Add-in under below...?

            Outlook > file > options > Add-ins


    Q2: The Web "Outlook Add-In, Office Add-In and Excel Reporting Add-In".....

    Would you please provide screen shots of where they are post installation on a physical workplace machine desktop/laptop? Within Windows file system, under logged in users area (app Data, etc.) & Browsers??

    Q3: Are there any changes required in a secure corporate organization workplace environments - e.g. IPs, URLs, Proxy, firewall, anti-virus scanners, etc. ??

  • Dustin Banks

    Q1: When installed correctly, yes.

    Q2: I will have to work with our QE person to provide screenshots of the defaults. If you choose to install it somewhere else/a different way then defaulted, that is up to the selections the user has chosen.

    Q3: That is up to your corporate organizations environment. We build our add-ins with standard certificates so if your organization blocks things over acceptance then possibly. 

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Karl,

    As a follow-up to Q2 from Dustin's comment here is a screenshot of the default add-ins. I hope this helps.



  • Karl Mavadia

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you... :-)

    would you also send me a screen shot of any COM add-in entry under "Outlook > file > options > Add-ins" if you have the Outlook add-in installed on your or another machine please?

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Karl,

    This is what it looks like on my machine.  

  • Karl Mavadia

    Hi Ryan,


    Thank you for a swift response.......  much appreciated!

    Please see the article below and let me know if there is a pure SaaS (web only without  installation) version is available or planned in future... Cheers, Karl

    Office 365 Add-Ins vs. COM/VSTO Add-ins | NetDocuments | NetDocuments


  • Dustin Banks

    Yes, we do have something planned for a future release for something like this. It is a rather large project so it will at best be in the R2 or R3 release. We do not have dates on these at this time.

  • Karl Mavadia

    Thank you sooo much! we look forward to timelines... (:- I)

  • Rob Bodart

    I have a user that has installed the Outlook Add In (and all other necessary requirements) and has successful test connection.  Howerver, the "Organization" and "Copy To Options" buttons in the Add-in options are inactive.  Completely stumped.  Have compared everything to my perfectly working set up, but can't find any difference.  Same versions of all add ins, software, etc.  Same user settings an organization assignment.

    Wonderting if anyone has seen this and knows of a solution?

  • Pieter Fourie

    Morning Rob

    Not my field of expertise, but I know there's another new Add-in (1.04.04) that will be released probably today / tomorrow - Our Dev-gurus found an issue with a dll reference, which is causing this behavior for some customers.

    This has been sorted with the new release.

    Please look out for the new Add-in in the next day or 2:


    Any further issues, please feel free to give us a shout.

    Best regards

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