Send Documents for Electronic Signature



  • Levin Shum

    Can we link email templates and Docusign together? For example, when we send out the documents for e-signatures with Docusign , can we use an email template already created within USI that populates on the email body of the Docusign email that is sent out. It would tell the client to sign the document and to click on the payment portal link to pay for the event or deposit? 

  • Dustin Banks

    Yes, with electronic signature profiles. You can choose a template that has payment portal links. The downside is that DocuSign does not support all html. They do not have it documented on what they do and do not support but I know that it does not support tables elements. So while you can link them together in our software, there is a limit of what DocuSign allows so I would test your workflows. You can also create the payment portal link inside the document by nesting the email and merge tag in the document.

  • Henry Li

    Can we custom email and email body for each recipient? We would like to include additional information for our manager who sign the contract. 

  • Dustin Banks

    When you setup a profile, you have to select a template for the envelope. You can choose to select a template for recipients as well. That template will be resolved per recipient. Depending on the type of information you want to display, you can create templates that can match your needs. 

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