Space Lead and Strike Hours



  • Mark Fingerhut

    Heather - when you configure lead and strike hours on the space, those are used to calculate the lead time/strike time when you book that space. It initially fills in the lead time & strike time fields on the booking, but those fields are editable at any point. 

    Typically, these would be used if a space should always have set up or tear down time built in, regardless of how the space is being used or set up. The way many of our clients use this is if there is a built-in room turnaround time used for cleaning, refresh of basic room features, etc. If you need to tie lead and strike time to be more usage or setup-based, it may be a bit more manual to manage this process. You may want to discuss this need in a bit more detail with your consultant or CSM because there could be various ways of handling this. Thanks! 

  • Heather Gruppelaar

    Could you please explain why would you assign lead and strike hours to spaces, which would be 'fixed'  (or can they be overridden, dependant on the 'type of event/function'?) and if 'fixed' apply to all bookings for that space, rather than using space 'usages' ie. pack in and pack out for example, which can be specified dependant on the type of event/function, in the space? I am trying to decide what the best practice is and if there is another consideration I haven't thought about?

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