Cloud Portal Instructions



  • Michelle Herson


    How do you edit the Access and Status columns?  I have retired Users but their account still says Active for Access and Status on the Cloud Portal "Your Users".  

    Thank you,


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Michelle,

    You'll need to use the Drop User instructions in the above article to update the Access and Status for those users. Retiring them in Ungerboeck doesn't update the Hosting Portal.



  • Sandra Armstrong

    How do I reinstate a dropped back-end user?  I can find their account in back office (Users) and have removed the check from the retired button.  I created a new Personnel account and attributed the User account.  If I try to create a New User account from the Portal for this person, it tells me that User ID already exists and only gives me the option to pick a different new user ID.  Is it possible to reinstate a dropped user? (not an inactive user)

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Sandra, at this point, I would recommend entering a ticket with Support.  Sometimes, our IT team needs to recreate the AD user from scratch after it's been dropped/deactivated.  Since the user does exist in backoffice, once IT recreates the user, they should be good to go.



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