Unbatched Vouchers



  • Michael Patterson

    When moving a voucher from a batch in one month to a new batch in the following month I used to remove it from the batch (therefore it became unbatched) then add it to a new batch where the date is the following month.  In v30 you can do this but you can no longer change the GL transaction date of the voucher (it defaults to the date of the previous month batch and is not editable meaning if you post it will mess up your AP).

    Only solution is to delete the voucher and re-enter it.  Unless anyone has another way to do this?



  • Kelly Potter

    Hi Michael,

    The GL Transaction Date should be visible from the voucher but driven by the batch transaction date. The invoice and due dates should remain as the dates on the document. If your environment is not behaving this way, please log a ticket with Client Care to investigate.

    To confirm - Tools, Remove Voucher from Batch is the correct process to use.

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