Order Processing Configuration



  • Ryan G.

    Hi Gavin,

    ESC targets a specific function usage on the event that has to be configured. When an event is created, the only function that is created automatically is the ‘Planning’ function with a function usage of “planning”.

    So if you're targeting that specific function as the ESC orders function, then you can do that, but it is not recommend because there are a number of other functionalities that are driven off that planning function.

    So in summary, there is the capability to create an ESC Orders function automatically but it’s a very limited scope and not recommended. Our recommendation would be to continue the manual creation of ESC Orders function.



  • Sam Wilson

    Hello Michelle,

    Yes, Order Editing for Online Space Bookings is available in .99. This article will be updated with the .99 general release to reflect the enhanced functionality.

    Best Regards,


  • Gavin Gilmartin

    Is it possible to create an ESCV Orders function automatically, similar to the booking function when creating new events?

  • Thomas Hohm (m:con-mannheim:congress GmbH)

    "Allow File Upload –Not applicable to ESC" => what is it used for?

    We are using the Online Exhibitor Portal, where the same configuration screen is used. Is this flag used in Exhibitor Portal?

    Is there a documentation to completely enable the document upload for ordered items in Exhibitor Portal? I found fileds on pricelist items for document upload which refer to resource document classes, which refers to the ESC module.

    So we are in a vicious circle :-) ?

  • Michelle Herson


    "Allow Order Editing – If checked, public-facing users can edit existing orders. Not applicable to Online Space Bookings (OSB). "

    Is this available in .99?



  • Alex Weidenbenner

    Hi Thomas,

    When I go to the price list item field for 'allow file upload' and read the tool tip it says "This feature allows online users to upload files when ordering items. You must setup the Document Classes on the Resource and allow file upload in the order processing configuration(opc) to enable the ability to allow file uploads."


    So your steps are:

    1. go to the item that you want to collect documents for.  

    2. edit the item and go to display tab

    3. allow file upload

    4. if you can't....edit the resource 

    5. choose your document classes that you want to collect

    6. go back to item and allow upload

    7. go to your EXP setup 

    8. edit the OPC and allow document upload.




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