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  • Hello,

    After copying a price list that contains packages and package items, and updating pricing on the items in the new price list, how does one "push" the new prices to the existing packages?  

    (I have packages that use detail pricing; have copied an existing price list to create a new one; updated pricing on all items; the packages show the connection to the new price list; but the items show the old price.)


  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Hi Zakaria,

    I need a little more information in order to assist. 

    Can you please advise where you are seeing the packages show the connection to the new price list but showing the old price?


    Kaitlyn Batliner
    Ungerboeck Consultant

  • Kaitlyn,

    Adding a package item to an order with one of the new price lists is using old charges, but directly adding an item that is the one that makes up the detail of that package uses the correct charge.

    In v19, in an Edit Package window, in the Model:Header section, I see all associated price lists in the Price List pulldown, but as I flip thru the Price Lists in the pulldown, the Unit Charge for each Detail item does not reflect the price for the selected price list. 

    To fix it, I'm selecting each price list in a package, manually updating each item's charge in the Details grid (or via right click, Edit Price List Item), and repeating for all packages, details and substitutes.  Adding a package to an order after manually updating it within the Edit Package window now uses the correct price.  

    I'm hoping (expecting?) I'm missing a step that properly updates packages' detail pricing as a price list is updated.


  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Hi Zak,

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! 

    When you copy a price list, you can decide if you want to include the prices or not. If you do not include the pricing, then you would need to go to the items inside of the package and price accordingly. If you did include the prices of the items, but some of the items in the package need to be updated, you would just need to go to those items and update accordingly. After the price list is copied, you can then use the price list on an event or orders.

    If you created your Price List in a different manner, this may be why you are witnessing different behavior. Additionally, without looking exactly at your configuration and the workflow you are taking, it is difficult to truly troubleshoot. Lastly, Packages are in v20 now, so you shouldn't need to go back to v19 to do any updates.

    If you are able to recreate (most likely in your test environment since you already corrected production), please submit a ticket to our support team with screen shots and exact recreation steps so they can troubleshoot the behavior. Should they determine that the witnessed behavior is configuration related, they will engage our Consulting team for a working session to review.

    Kaitlyn Batliner
    Ungerboeck Consultant

  • Theresa Gorman

    How are packages managed in 20.96?

    In the edit package, there is no resource to link to, no price list to link to, no form to link to and there is nowhere to enter a rate.

    In my previously configured packages, when editing, all the details were clear.  In 20.96, I have no idea what price list or resource the package is tied to or what the detail charge is

  • Hello.

    In the process of copying then updating price lists that include packages and find myself repeating the struggle commented on a couple years ago (first comment above), so rephrasing the question:

    After copying an existing price list to create a new one, and choosing to include all prices during the copy, what's the best way to then update the prices on the items in packages' "Setup Details", especially on items that repeat across packages?

    We have 48 packages in the each of 3 prices list, each package configured for detail pricing and substitutions, with an average of 10 detail items in each package, repeating in various configurations across the packages.  All the details need a price update.  Can the prices on details items be updated globally, affecting all instances of a resource across packages in a price list at once?  Or does each detail item in each package need to be updated separately?

    Thank you,


  • Jamie

    Hi Zac,


    Not sure if you resovled this but the solution is to set the "Detail only pricing flag" to no, this will then draw from the main price list, if its set to yes it allows for a custom price inside the pacage, the issue with this is that it requires each pacakge to be updated manually. if you select no when you update the resource in the price list it will update in all pacakges that have the deatil only pricing flag for that resource set to no.

    It was a game changer for us when we discovered this element for same reasons you mentioned above.



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