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  • Polina Zhitomirsky

    Do you have more information about Custom HTML Field? Where will it be displayed on what it can be? Do you have a sample code and page to understand it better?

  • Alex Weidenbenner

    HI Polina,

    HTML is a web language, there are many classes on the internet about it.  We do not have any articles teaching people HTML. 

    In Ungerboeck, most of the public facing apps (ESC, EXP, EP, etc) allow custom HTML to change the look and feel of the page.  This is open to all clients, so if an admin already knows HTML they can customize their wesbite to their wishes.  If an admin does not know HTML but still wants to customize their pages, our services department is able to help bridge that gap. 

    Thank you,


  • Rob Bodart

    When I access "Web Themes", an additional browser window opens.  The new window is blank.  No tabs or options.


  • Mike Engelhardt

    Hi Rob, that seems like a bug. Is it still happening?

  • Brett Ward

    We get the blank page as well. 

  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Brett,

    Please enter a ticket so our Support and/or Development teams can assist.



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