• Asli Okur

    Is it not desired that a user can change the locale under own user profile by himself/herself, if needed? 

    Field restrictions on user / locale field includes DisableV19 Role.

    I tried to remove the restriction by deleting the row, confirmation popup states it is deleted successfully, but it is not deleted.

    Any particular reason why? This is not a v19 action, so I do not understand why it is restricted with this role and cannot be changed.

    Thanks for a feedback.



  • Mike Johnson

    Changes were made a few months back to ignore field restrictions tied to the Disable v19 role for Cloud customers.  As customers have been upgrading to 96, we have been working with them to remove this role as most v19 actions have been removed.

    The code change was made in 20.96B 2020072701 and higher as well as 20.95E 2020073001.  If you are on 96, please reach out to Client Care and/or your CSM to have the role removed.  If you are on 95, see about upgrading to 96 and having the role removed.

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