Major and Minor Inventory Groups



  • Michelle Herson

    Can you limit inventory by group?  For example, space A allows for 5 microphones.  They can select from a variety of different kinds of microphones, but only a total of 5.  I was thinking I could put all of the types of microphones in a group and then limit the group to 5.  

  • Chelsea Dolman

    Hi Michelle,

    I can confirm that limiting items by Inventory Group is not currently supported. It is possible to limit which items can be ordered in each space based on the Resource (see Resource Spaces), however this does not help with restricting the number of items per space. 

    I would recommend adding this as an enhancement request through the Product Ideas forum. 

    Here are the steps to add a product idea.

    1. Access the Support Center. (https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com )

    2. Go to the The Community by clicking on the The Community button in the Support Center Quick-links.

    3. Click on the Product Ideas tab.

    4. Click the Enter the Forum button for the forum where you would like to add the enhancement request. (I believe your current idea would fit in several areas depending upon your thoughts on the location where you would like the fields to be enabled. Just pick one forum - no need to enter the request in multiple forums.)

    5. Click the Create a Post in this Topic button.

    6. Complete the form and click the Submit button.

    Many thanks,


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