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  • Bronwyn Trigg

    can you block a day, the entire day, not by space, i have 15 bookable spaces all in different configurations, all i want to do is just lock down a day to any event, is this possible.

  • Dave Segasture

    Brownyn, before I give an answer I'd like to request a bit of additional clarification. 

    1) Will this "entire day" be something that needs to recur? For example, we never Book on Sundays - so we'd like to block every Sunday

    - or -

    2) Is this just one specific Date like 12/12/22 - we will not be open that day and want to prevent anyone from booking that specific Date?

    If it's number 2 - it might be simpler to simply book every Space for that day - being careful to select settings which wouldn't impact any Space Utilization or other reporting you might be doing. 

    If it's number 1 - yes, this can be done, you can create a Booking Restriction to Block that day and then apply it to every (or appropriate) Space(s) via the Spaces screen. As described in the last paragraph of the KnowledgeBase Article above. 

    Let me know if you need more assistance and we'll get into more specifics. 

    Dave S. 

  • Bronwyn Trigg

    Thanks Dave, the Booking Restriction is not working as i thought it may, i will keep playing and see if i can get it to do what i need.

    i am wanting to put restrictions on days as per management request, ie lock all of July to any further bookings, or Lock just single days due to an event being big.

  • Bronwyn Trigg

    Further to this, i have just added a restriction to every Monday & Tuesday for 2023 - in our test system, no special conditions or tricky dates, just a blanket now bookings Monday or Tuesday, just using the standard fields in the Booking Restrictions window. then assigned this to All spaces in my calendar , so i shouldn't be able to book any space, but i can, i can book spaces on Mondays and Tuesdays for 2023, i have followed Step by Step above and am not winning, any one have thoughts ??

  • Dave Segasture

    Bronwyn - please open a Support Ticket so we can get someone from Support to look at your issue and determine if you have a configuration or technical error.

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